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How To Keep Imposter Syndrome At Bay

 How To Keep Imposter Syndrome At Bay

You have worked hard to overcome imposter syndrome and after a while you start to experience imposter feelings again. Accept that this may happen to you. It is normal for people to experience feelings of being an imposter sometimes. What you need to do is to ensure that the imposter syndrome does not return. Here are proven ways to keep it at bay.

Identify what is Causing the new Imposter Feelings

As you have overcome imposter syndrome once, it should be relatively easy for you to identify what is causing imposter feelings again. Even though you have put a great deal of time and effort into overcoming imposter syndrome, you can never 100% guarantee that it will never return.

When you are able to identify what caused these new imposter feelings you will be able to attack the root cause of the problem. Maybe you still have a limiting belief that you couldn’t completely eradicate the first time around.

Validate the Insecurity

You may be experiencing feelings of insecurity because you are not sure what you need to do to tackle a problem. This is often the case when you are taking on a new challenge. What you need to do here is to validate whether this is just a natural feeling or imposter syndrome rearing its ugly head again.

Take the time out to analyze the situation properly. What kind of thoughts did you experience? Were the feelings that you experienced similar to those that you did with imposter syndrome? It may take a bit of time to figure this out but it is definitely something that you need to do.

Become a Thought Control Master

Imposter syndrome is all in your head. When you experience feelings of being a fraud these emanate from a negative thought that occurred. A number of things could have caused this negative thought to come into your head.

The important thing is that you neutralize this immediately with a positive thought. Nothing will help you more with imposter syndrome than being a master of thought control. When you can automatically neutralize a negative thought, you will diminish its power significantly and prevent it from becoming a negative thought spiral.

It is a simple concept to neutralize a negative thought with a positive one but it is not so easy to do. Practice doing this with any negative thought that comes into your mind. With enough practice you will form a new empowering habit and will eventually be a master of thought control.

Use Positive Affirmations Daily

Another effective way to keep imposter syndrome at bay is to create and use positive affirmations every day. Some people think that these are a waste of time but they really work if you create the right affirmations and read them out loud each day.

We recommend that you make the reading of your positive affirmations part of your daily ritual. Keep a copy of your affirmations with you at all times so that you can read them again during the day if the need arises.

Start and Maintain a Journal

Reflecting on your past accomplishments and recognizing the value of them is a good way to keep imposter syndrome at bay. We recommend that you start a journal and record your achievements in this. Include past achievements and update your journal with current achievements too. Reflect on your journal at least once a week.

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