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Effective Techniques For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

 Effective Techniques For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

When you want to overcome imposter syndrome it is critical that you use the right techniques to do this. It is not too difficult to overcome imposter syndrome when you know what you are doing. In this article we will reveal effective techniques that you can use to stop having constant thoughts and feelings that you are an imposter.

Accept that Perfection is Impossible

Nobody is perfect in this world. All of us have various strengths and weaknesses and we have made many mistakes and will continue to do this. The best way to deal with the mistakes that you make is to learn from them and then move on.

It is a waste of time and effort to try and deliver perfectionism. You need to change your mindset if you are a perfectionist and accept that something that is good enough is acceptable. Striving for perfection every time will just delay things and in some cases, you will not deliver anything at all.

Focus on time rather than perfection. Time is our most precious commodity and you do not want to waste yours trying to make things perfect. Think about all of the other good things that you can do with the time that you waste on perfectionism.

There is an Imposter in Everyone

Without exception, everyone will experience feelings of being an imposter or not belonging at some time in their life. This is completely natural and is normal when you are taking on any new challenge. You are not sure how you will complete the challenge and this raises uncertainty. Accept that this is a normal situation and remain positive about your life.

Stop Comparing yourself with Others

Something that most people do when they are suffering from imposter syndrome is to compare themselves with others. They do this because they feel it is a good way to confirm that they are not an imposter. In theory this makes sense, but in practice it doesn’t.

Every time that you compare yourself to another person it is very likely that you will discover something about them which they have and you don’t. This is not going to help you to overcome imposter syndrome. In fact, it is likely to make it worse.

Another downside of comparing yourself to others is that it can result in you feeling that you do not fit in. Also, you may have thoughts that you are not good enough because someone else can do something better than you. Just concentrate on yourself. Set yourself personal targets and stop comparing yourself to other people.

Too Much Social Media

These days, people seem to be glued to their smartphones. They cannot miss a notification or their life will not be worth living. We have nothing against social media and welcome it as a great tool. The problem is that it is very easy to get addicted to it.

The problem with social media for those experiencing imposter syndrome is that they are very likely to come across people on there that seem to have a much better life than you. This is usually far from the truth as social media users will often exaggerate things in order to get attention.

Nevertheless, the fact that something is not true doesn’t matter. Even if you know this is the case, you can start to think about your own life and what is missing. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy which will not help. Gradually reduce the time you spend on social media.

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