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SPIRITUAL VOYEURISM by Diann Thomas, The Morning Tea

SPIRITUAL VOYEURISM by Diann Thomas, The Morning Tea

"The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached . . . where God was."  Exodus20:21 (NIV)

No doubt the Israelites wondered, ‘What does God’s presence feel like?  What does His voice sound like?  What does His glory look like?’  Only Moses knew.  And it seems that most folks were happy to let it stay that way.  Listen: ‘The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached . . . where God was.’  Sound familiar?  Sound like S.M.O.  (Sunday morning only) Christians?

 They told Moses: ‘You tell us what God says . . . but don’t let God speak directly to us.’  Why?  Were they afraid God might tell them something they didn’t particularly want to hear?  When you haven’t carried out His last set of instructions, it’s hard to be enthusiastic about the next set.

John writes:‘How can we be sure that we belong to Him?  By obeying His commandments . . . those who obey God’s Word really do love Him . . .’ (See 1 John 2:3-5 NLT). So, how about it? 

Are you interested only in being a ‘spiritual voyeur’ (an onlooker who gets a vicarious thrill out of watching God move in the lives of others) instead of accepting the discipline required to have a personal relationship with Him yourself?  Do you want His gifts and His favor, but not the commitment that goes along with them?

God doesn’t want you to be infatuated with the Bible, the church, or even His blessings.  No, He wants you to fall in love with Him!  He’s looking for a bride, not a girlfriend, somebody who’ll stick with Him when the going gets tough. So, are you ready to put on the ring of commitment today?


History of  The Morning Teas

The Morning Teas were written and created by Diann Thomas and distributed by Linda Cunningham-Hames.

The Morning Tea became celebrated as a daily newsletter filled with encouragement, uplifting stories and daily devotions written by people who are living out their purpose!  The late Diann Thomas brought this elegant source of daily refueling to the Internet in the 90’s. She was an excellent leader that saw the power of sharing and ministering to the masses via email.

In  2010, Diann Thomas passed away unexpectedly and sadly, co-contributor Linda Cunningham-Hames passed away in July, 2012.   After their transitions, several different women carried on her legacy of encouraging others to live their best life each and every day.  I’m now joining Sister Rugina Poellnitz and many other Texas readers in carrying the torch forward and I hope you will join me on this path to wholeness.

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