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Leaning on Faith - Turning Mishaps to Ministry by La Detra White

La Detra White, World Traveler, Author, Mentor and Pro Blogger shares with us how to Lean on Faith - Turning Mishaps to Ministry. The author goes deep into her message of: This Is My Story, But It Is Not My Life. Listen to her Crown Holders message:

This Is My Story, But It Is Not My Life created by La Detra White

"My mother was beautiful, absolutely stunning. She was the life of the party, with a laugh and charisma that drew people in. I loved her intensely, but I had a secret: I didn't like her very much. She had a secret too: for
as beautiful as she was, she was broken inside. Alcohol and depression were her personal demons, and I was no match for them. Her secret and my own defined me for a very long time. Through my faith walk, I now understand this one important truth: while my pain may be my story, it does not have to become my life."

We are all alike. We hurt deeply, and we want to get better. Sometimes we doubt; sometimes our anger and grief almost consume us. When we share our stories, true healing can begin. If we open our hearts, we find that there is room for all of us, and we can help each other let go of our pain and get to the other side. We find salvation and love without judgement.

In This Is My Story, But It Is Not My Life thirty-two women come together in this book to share their incredible stories with you, stories of how they overcame challenging, life-changing tragedies, broken and abusive childhoods, or traumatic, unimaginable events by reaching deep down into themselves... into their very souls and by finding or rediscovering, and then leaning on their faith. These are not just stories of their calm, unwavering grace through their struggles, but of their fear, their hurt, their questioning, and their hard climbs back.

In This Is My Story, But It Is Not My Life, these solid and strong survivors refuse to be held in the bondage of their past, their pain, or their struggles. They did not go down without a fight, their faith ultimately saved them, and they committed to keep loving and living their live to the fullest. They refuse to let their stories define their lives. God opened their eyes and their hearts. They saw, they listened, and they overcame. In one loud collective voice, you hear, "Yes we did; yes we can; and yes we will."

This Is My Story, But It Is Not My Life edited by La Detra White Thirty-two women come together in this book to share their incredible stories. Purchase your copy today and buy a second copy for a friend:

Learning to Love My Hidden Sides by La Detra White

I have no idea why I feel the need to purge my truth. Okay that is not true, I know why. Because it feels better afterwards. I feel a weight lifted. I feel lighter inside. I feel brave and smart and liberated and even cool. I feel like I am doing something I would have never done most of my adult life. Tell my truth. Tell my truth knowing some will sit in judgment of me. But I tell it anyway. I tell it because by telling it, it makes me feel better. I even tell myself, "You get this out and you will live longer."

​Tomorrow as many as 35 women and a few men are going to tell their truth. Yep. They will share their truth in our new book, "This is my story, but it is not my life." I hope they will feel better too. My guess is they will. They absolutely will.

​I could not think of what to share this time around. This is my 3rd published truth story. And it was not for a lack of having nothing to say. It was the choosing of what hidden part was ready to reveal itself. The hardest part of truth talking is when everyone around you has a certain perception of you and your telling will shatter that paradigm. I have learned that that shattering comes with the truth telling part.

​Would I tell people that how I have deep fears? Fears of becoming my alcoholic mother, a deep fear of being alone if my only remaining sibling were to die first. Would I share my guilt of being the first one in my immediate family to break out of poverty and make it over to what they call "the made it" side? Would I tell of how I move so fast because if I stop too long I will think too much? And sometimes thinking brings sadness.

​Do I just share another uncomfortable piece of me and whatever that new revealed piece is that I share, I will own it? I will embrace it as an essential part of who I am and share how God is using even that piece to craft his work in me. Do I tell the world that I have learned to love even the hidden parts of me? And that even though some parts have not been revealed to others, I know what they are and embrace how they came to be a part of me.

​The truth is this. I am complicated. We are complicated. The difference between my new self and my old self is my insatiable desire to use everything inside me to discover the best parts of me. And through that discovery I desire to love all of me in return. And that is my truth. It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks. It matters that those hidden parts had their chance with light. And that I might live longer.

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About the Author
La Detra White is an entrepreneur and ambassador of truth. She is the founder of AWESOME LIFE MINISTRIES a place for women to come together and share their inspiring stories and enhance their faith walk. La Detra is also a blogger where her readers exceed 200,000 each year. 

La Detra is a graduate of Howard University and Harvard Business School. She loves traveling the world, speaking to audiences about her faith and life lessons. La Detra has traveled to over 35 countries. She is most interested in community back more than she has received from the universe.

La Detra White grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah to a single parent. She was the first to attend college. She has built my career as a marketing consultant in communications. She has tremendous passion for teaching, speaking and facilitating, especially to young people and women.

Her goal in life is to be a great ambassador to the world of God's goodness in my life. We serve an awesome God. She hopes this will become my first of many books to come. La Detra has been married for 26 years and have two beautiful children.

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