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Live Life LOVELY Every Day by Lutishia Lovely

Meet Lutishia Lovely, Award-Winning Author, Creative Artist, Book Shepherd & Spiritual Life Coach

Lutishia Lovely has created an amazing opening for the Sisterhood Empowerment Series. She is helping all us realize every day can be a L.O.V.E.L.Y. Day. You must glam up your morning by listening to this:

Song & Webinar Topic: Live Life LOVELY Every Day!

* L -  Lighten Up
* O - Open Up Your Heart and Soul
* V -  Visualize, Meditate to Reach Your Goal
* E -  Evolve continuously
* L -  Love endlessly, come what may
* Y -  Say YES! 

And live life LOVELY every day.

Lutishia Lovely is a multi-faceted creative artist and the national bestselling author of more than two dozen novels. Her latest release, A Date With Destiny, is the 9th installment of the wildly popular Hallelujah Series. A companion original title soundtrack, written by Lutishia and produced by her company, The Lovely Day Experience, is available for download on all popular music websites. In addition to the Hallelujah Series, Lovely wrote The Business Series and the Shady Sisters Trilogy. 

Her novels regularly appear on bestseller lists including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Black Christian Book Review, and have been nominated for several awards, among them Best Multi-Cultural Fiction (Hallelujah Series) by Romantic Times Book Review and Best Mystery/Suspense (Shady Sisters Trilogy) by African-American Literary Awards Show. 

Lutishia’s professional memberships include the Author’s Guild, Romance Writers of America and OSB Screenwriters. Follow Lutishia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @ LutishiaLovely, and visit her website,

Lutishia Lovely the BAN Radio Show Interview with Ella D. Curry
Listen to her Crown Holders Conversation:

Lutishia Lovely shares with us a loving morning, motivational message from her new program found at:

TOPICS: Motivational Speaker

1.  Tbe Lovely Life. Perfect for conferences and graduations, this talk shares guaranteed ways to help ones live their best, most authentic, purpose-filled lives.                

 2.  That Literary Life. Great for writing conferences and groups wanting an inside look into an every changing publishing industry, how to stay alive and thrive.

 3.  You Are The Miracle (that you're waiting for)! A certified transformative life coach who has practiced a holistic lifestyle for two decades, and former senior writer and managing editor for a holistic lifestyle magazine, Lutishia uses her personal journey to share ways of becoming  whole in mind, body and spirit.

4.  Spiritually Speaking.  This PK (preacher's kid) shares her own unique, circuitous journey  to a personal, engaging, open and honest relationship with the Highest Power she calls Spirit.   From a small church in Kansas to living in Jerusalem, from an angel encounter on the streets of Paris to the presence of God ushered in on a Muslim's prayer, Spirit has allowed her to experience  universal  awareness of a loving, transformative power that is larger than any single religion can contain.

About Lutishia Lovely 
Lutishia Lovely is in love with words. Her diverse career path has embraced almost every form of use imaginable: executive assistant, radio personality, actress, and that which she presently enjoys the most—writer. She also loves to travel, having visited more than a dozen countries and forty states. After unpacking her bags, she unwinds by attending a great show, chilling at the beach, reading a good book, or cooking vegetarian masterpieces for family and friends at home. 

        *     Certified (Mind/Body/Soul) Tri-Life Coach

        *      Certified Reiki Master

        *      Certified EFT and NLP Practitioner

        *      Meditation/Visualization Instructor

        *      Literary Consultant (full-time author w/over 40 traditionally published novels covering several genres.)

Lutishia Lovely is the national bestselling author of more 40  traditionally published novels, a multi-faceted creator of works for screen and stage and a transformational life coach. 

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