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Finding Your Voice After Sexual Abuse by Kenyetta York-Lynch

Finding Your Voice After Sexual Abuse by Kenyetta York-Lynch

The name Kenni York doesn't merely emphasis a person; it denotes a living, walking, thriving BRAND. As an author, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Kenni operates under her personal mantra of 'making a difference and not just a dollar'.

Listen to her Crown Holders message:

Every 102 minutes in America someone is being sexually abuse. 1 in 4 women are likely to be the victims. It doesn't matter who you are, your age, socioeconomic background, occupation...anyone is susceptible to being victimized. But, the worse part isn't in the actual traumatic event, it's living with it.

Most abuses go unreported and women fail to speak up about what's happened to them until years later. We've become silenced by our fears and the pain, experiencing loss of self-esteem, self-worth, and support because of the way society responds to these types of incidents.

As a sexual abuse survivor and sexual assault awareness advocate, my session covers three (3) major steps to finding your voice and coming out of the darkness of being a victim. This topic is important because too
often we as women internalize the things that have happened to us and the long-term effects can be detrimental to our health, relationships, careers, and more.

As women, it is important to realize your worth and walk in your confidence. Sometimes, you just need a little encouragement and tips as to how to go about this.

About Kenyetta York-Lynch
The name Kenni York doesn't merely emphasis a person; it denotes a living, walking, thriving BRAND. As an author, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Kenni operates under her personal mantra of 'making a difference and not just a dollar'.

In 2008, Kenni published her first book, Ask No Questions, under PublishAmerica sparking a career that would soon open doors to other opportunities dear to her heart. After releasing three more titles under this same company, she was inspired by a literary mentor, R.M. Johnson, to tackle self-publishing. In 2012, she released one of her most popular books to date, The Girls, which later (after several more self-published works) was picked up by the mainstream publishing company, Urban Books.

Later in 2012, Kenni founded Kenni Enterprises, a literary firm that specialized in ghostwriting, editing, freelance magazine articles, new author consultations, creative writing courses and more. It was her goal to help other aspiring authors to get their stories in print. To date, Kenni has ghostwritten and edited over forty titles for authors ranging in genre from poetry to urban fiction to Christian fiction.

Fondly referred to as "the author that makes a difference, not just a dollar," in 2013 Kenni decided to create a community service component to her rapidly growing literary firm, Kenni Enterprises. As a sexual abuse survivor, Kenni felt obligated to create an opportunity to not only educate her community about the growing epidemic, but to also help victims or survivors find their voices and step out of the darkness.

Hence the creation of Let Your Voice Be Heard, an annual benefit event that raises funds for organizations providing services and resources to survivors as well as providing talented individuals with a platform to share their artistry for the sake of raising awareness. So powerful was the event that the concept became its own nonprofit organization, The Let Your Voice Be Heard Foundation, responsible for providing survivors with support, spreading awareness, and creating preventative programs.

In 2017, Kenni penned her most powerful novel to date Noah's Rights, a heart-wrenching tale about child sexual assault and its impact on the community. Highlighting pivotal points of her own sexual assault testimony, Kenni began to use Noah's Rights as a means of literary social activism and enlightenment.

With a clear mission and full of determination, Kenni places herself in various and considerably unexpected platforms in order to reach those who may need to hear her testimony of survivorship and message of making the most out of your trials and tribulations as well as your gifts and talents. She has been featured on national and local broadcasts such as TBN’s In Our Town, WATC TV’s Atlanta Live, PEOPLE TV’s The Nikhol Jackson Show, as well as periodicals such as Glamour Magazine, Urban Image Magazine, Luxe Factor Magazine, and the international magazine Emerge.

Her spiels of empowerment, overcoming, and creating a legacy while walking in your destiny have been heard over airwaves via shows like Let’s Talk America with Shana Thornton, Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb, IBNX’s Live Life in the Purple with MLuv, Empowering You Now Radio, Fire 91.8’s Indastreets with Tina B, and a plethora of other syndicated, live streaming, and Blogtalk radio programs.

Kenni has given formal and informal addresses for various organizations including Distinctive Reflections, Dream Out Loud 2000, Create Your Dreams Youth Organization, and the Warren Street Boys and Girls Club just to name a few. She’s been called upon to speak at conferences and events designed to empower and inspire youth and women while emphasizing the importance of being and loving YOU despite the obstacles and hardships you may endure.

Such engagements include the Teen Queen Atlanta Conference, Purple Tie Monologues, The Still Standing Foundation’s Purple Affair, Bold and Standing Tall Domestic Abuse Teleconference, The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Beverly Johnson Interfaith Symposium among others.

Later in 2017, Kenni realized a milestone in her career  that many authors aspire to reach. Her dramatic book series, At Least I Didn't Kill him was adapted for film (screenplay done by the author herself) and the movie debuted at an eclectic theater in Avondale Estates, GA with international distribution of the DVD via Amazon. On her own terms, without waiting for permission or acceptance from Hollywood, Kenni collaborated with an independent film company in Atlanta, StreamATL, and proudly watched her work appear on the big screen.

Motivated to delve deeper into the film industry, Kenni has since penned several scripts including Love's Fatality, Teal Voices (a sexual assault documentary), The Secrets That Bind (filmed in 2019 and scheduled to premiere in 2020), as well as a unique series soon to be announced. Dreams do come true and Kenni's steadily working to assure that hers not only come to fruition but also provides room to help other creative individuals' dreams to flourish as well.

Though Kenni Enterprises LLC was dissolved in 2016, Kenni has continued to help other authors via editing or ghostwriting. Helping others to grow, succeed and accomplish their goals has always been important to her.

In 2019, while penning a creative holiday novella, New Year, New Me, a concept came to the author via the life of the character she was depicting. W.I.N. (Writing Intriguing Novels) is an author incubator, not a publishing company, devoted to helping first time authors learn to navigate the literary world and map out their own path to success. The objective is to help writers win without any ambiguous contracts, scams, scandal, or strife. W.I.N was incorporated in 2020, embarking upon a literary first with a remarkable mission.

With over twenty-five titles in print ranging from self-help, urban fiction, murder mystery and more, as well as titles resting on shelves across America, Kenni York is determined to make the name, the BRAND, Kenni York synonymous with strength, courage, and confidence.

Kenni York's titles:

Ask No Questions (Murder Mystery)
A Girl’s Perspective: My Life in Poetry (Poetry)
Merrilittle: Murder in a Small Town (Murder Mystery)
Striving for Happily Ever After (Marriage Self Help)
The Girls
The Girls 2: Dirty Little Secrets
My Dad is an Army Man
Karma 1: The Beginning
Karma 2: This Ain’t What You Want
Karma 3: When the Shit Hits the Fan
Karma 4: Checkmate
Pink Slips
My Friend, My Foe
The Pleasure’s Mine (Anthology)
Please Don’t Kill Me (Anthology)
Twisted Love 1
Twisted Love 2: Uninhibited Desires
Twisted Love 3: Deadly Conclusions
Over It
Let It Burn: Collaboration w/Nika Michelle
Kenni Knowledge
At Least I Didn’t Kill Him
At Least I Didn’t Kill Him 2: But Someone Did
Her Choice (short story)
Lustful Intentions (short story)
Testing My Gangsta
Noah’s Rights
Lie to Me: Collab w/ Kierra Petty
A Savage Stole My Soul (Paranormal Short Story)
New Year, New Me (novella)

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Kenni York's literary accolades:

2013 AAMBC Female Author of the Year Award Nominee

2013 National Association of Professional Women Inductee

2013 Continental Who’s Who Award Recipient

2014 Literacy Rocks Award Nominee

2014 Southern Entertainment Awards Journalist of the Year Nominee

2014 and 2015 Who’s Who in Black Atlanta Entrepreneurial Award

2015 Literary Jewels Editor of the Year Award

2017 Clayton County’s Indie Author Day Keynote Speaker

2018 & 2019 ATL’s HOTTEST Author of the Year Nominee

2018 Secret Place Bookclub’s Author of the Year

2018 & 2019 ACHI Magazine Author of the Year Nominee

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