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Stay on the Road: Focus on Your Purpose in the Face of Adversity

Yvette Wilson Lewis
, founder of S.H.E. is Helpful, LLC,  is a non-fiction author, speaker and social justice advocate. Her Sisterhood session is titled: Stay on the Road: Focus on Your Purpose in the Face of Adversity. Listen to her session during our Sisterhood Empowerment Series:

"Today I don’t keep secrets but I continue to learn the practice of discretion and sharing in confidence. If something begins to eat away at my mind and spirit, I pray about it and then I share it with someone. Those two simple steps enable me from going back into that prison cell that I had built and confined myself in for so many years. Now I know what’s like to experience peace and serenity in my life."

(An excerpt taken from the chapter, Break Free, from the book Enhancing the Journey: The Journey Journal, Yvette Wilson Bentley"

About the Author

Resilient. Strategic. Intentional.
Proactive. Team Player. Life-long Learner.

Yvette Wilson Lewis (Bentley) is a notable self-help/nonfiction author, blogger and mentor.

Yvette’s freshman publication, Enhancing the Journey, was released in 2012 and has enjoyed moderate success. Yvette released her second book in 2015; since that time, she has engaged as a contributing author for several published women’s anthology as well as published several eBooks.

A lover of philanthropic projects, Yvette’s passion fuels her to engage in multiple fundraising projects and other initiatives within the nonprofit community. Yvette is a progressive social justice advocate who has dedicated countless hours and experience to various issues, including substance abuse recovery, domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness, just to name a few.

Being a philanthropist at heart, Yvette founded and launched S.H.E. is Helpful, LLC in early 2018.

S.H.E. is Helpful, LLC is an organization focused on Self Help Empowerment that equips individuals to engage in life-changing solutions. For more information, please visit at:

Yvette has served as a contributing writer for several newsletters and magazines. She also has been featured on internet blogs and talk-radio shows, including Stepping into Victory blog, Honeycomb Heart Ministry and Jerry Royce Live talk-radio shows. In addition, she has been featured as a guest, panelist and lead facilitator for teleconferences and online summits.

A lover of philanthropy, Yvette serves on various fundraising and advocacy projects for local charities and nonprofit organizations that address social justice issues.

Yvette enjoys reading, bowling, board games, traveling and relaxing with friends and family. Yvette resides in Louisville, KY.

Books by Yvette:

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To book Yvette for your event as a speaker, panelist, or facilitator, please send an email to

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