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Empower Thyself: A Guide to Improving Personal Health and Professional Growth

"Empower Thyself" A Guide to Improving Personal Health and Professional Growth. Anne Alston, CEO and Founder of Alstntec, LLC speaks on the Seven Principals and Techniques used to Empower Yourself to Move Forward. Listen to Alston Sisterhood session today:

Meet Anne Alston, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Anne’s extensive background comes with the precision of providing Career Transition, Professional Development, Mentoring, and Empowerment Services.

Anne’s consulting experience began as the owner of A & M Creations in 1997 operating as a desktop publisher, business strategist and IT Support. The company’s motto was “Serving the Needs of Small Businesses.” Not only did she support small businesses, she also served the needs of individuals who aspired to become entrepreneurs or needed career guidance. The company name changed to ALSTNTEC to reflect the new type of services offered.

Over the years, Anne expanded her consulting expertise to the field of career transition, small business start-up consulting, and mentoring services. Her endeavors would later embark on a new journey to change and enhance lives through her personal coaching sessions, empowerment speeches, and learning publications. Her primary mission is to bring awareness of the importance of career and business development for your overall personal and professional life. Her successes in this effort has led to a number of great partnerships along the way, which have yielded her opportunities to present her platform to a number of organizations that work directly with the local community, educational institutions, and private/non-profit organizations.

As an activist for adult/youth education and small business supporter, Anne actively participates as a workshop presenter Prince George’s County Public Schools, the Maryland Future Business Leaders Association, and the Maryland Roundtable for Education STEMnet program. She is also a Mentor with the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), and recently received the UMUC Alumni Achiever Award for her dedicated service to UMUC students and faculty.

She is also the creator of the Business Men and Women of Color Podcast, an online network platform designed to raise awareness of the talents of small business owners, speakers, authors, and future entrepreneurs. With this platform she has engaged approximately 200 participants from around the world. Anne is also the creator of the BMWOC online magazine, which serves the same purpose in digital form.

Anne believes that Sharing Information Can Changes Lives. She exemplifies this through her efforts of bringing positive change by bringing together Clients, Technologies, and Industries together for a common goal, which is "Serving the Needs of Small Businesses". Her responsiveness is unmatched, and she always strives to become your Partner.

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