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Don’t Blink: Your Legacy Matters by Terri Martinez

It’s been a very emotional time for several reasons.  The untimely death of Kobe Bryant affected many people all over the world for so many reasons.  He was one of the greatest basketball players of all time BUT he was also so many other things to so many people.  I can’t say that I was a Kobe fan per se.  I knew of him of course, I watched him play but wasn’t aware of many aspects of his life that are now being talked about.  To see so many people mourning him has been difficult to watch and maybe for some even harder to handle all the why’s.  My heart aches for his wife Vanessa because I cannot imagine her pain and suffering right now.

My hometown of Harrisburg, PA is now mourning the loss of an icon, Vera Clemons Cornish recently passed away and when the news broke of her death my social media was on fire.  So many people had been touched by her place in our community.  Although I wasn’t a close friend of hers, I know Vera and we interacted many times over the years I’ve lived here.  Most recently was last year at an event where we were both vendors selling our books.  Although Vera wasn’t a celebrity like Kobe the similarities of the response of the news of her death and his hit home for me.  They were both loved by so many people from so many different backgrounds, races, cultures, etc.

The one thing I noticed immediately after Kobe’s death was how his death and the mourning and grief spanned all ethnic backgrounds, political beliefs etc.  Everyone loved Kobe.  I see now that everyone in this small town of Harrisburg, PA loved Vera as well.  This is proof to me that we can all come together and agree on something.  We don’t have to constantly be divided by our skin color, political views, social or financial status.

In the face of tragedy or grief we can all just be human beings.  That’s what I love, those little glimpses of how things could be if we all just took a minute and thought about it.  It’s okay to look different and have different ideas and beliefs.  We can disagree on things and still agree that we’re all human and all deserve the basic rights and respect from one another.

I titled this don’t blink because it all goes by so fast, life that is.  We’re all shocked by the sudden death of someone who we thought should still be here.  We take a moment and think about our own mortality but honestly most don’t think about it long enough to do anything about it.  There’s really nothing you can do to prevent death and we never know when it’s coming but what you can do is make sure that you make your life count for something.

Everyone won’t be famous like Kobe or even as well-known in your own little towns as Vera was in Harrisburg, PA but that doesn’t mean that you or your legacy can’t mean something. 

What’s sad is that oftentimes people die, and they never really knew how we felt about them.  Why is it so easy to tell people how much they meant to you when they’re dead, but you didn’t tell them when they were alive?  Make sure the special people in your life know that they are special right now.  Don’t blink or you may lose the chance.

The Pathway To Freedom: Dare to Dream written by the late by Vera Clemons Cornish. Read her story in her words: https://wilkesbarre.psu.edu/feature/dare-dream-vera-cornish

On February 25, 2020 Ms. Vera Clemons Cornish joined her Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, in eternal peace. Vera Clemons Cornish was a renowned speaker, publisher, and empowerment strategist! She was the first in her family to graduate high school, college and work in higher education. Her audiences and clients include individuals, colleges, universities, and corporations.

Because of Vera’s work, people identify their limiting beliefs, resolve inner conflicts, commit to taking action and become architects of concepts. They create new businesses, embrace their ability to lead, gain a keener understanding of grace under pressure and the power of perseverance. They find their voice and act on their dreams.

Vera was clear; everyone has a story. She invited people to ask the hard questions: Are you sitting in the back row of life knowing there are seats in front and center? Are you ready to let go of worry, doubt, and fear? Are you ready to be honest with yourself? Are you ready to live and work with an expectation of success?

Ms. Vera Clemons Cornish is survived by her beloved daughter Alana Cornish of New York City, sister Kathleen Furby, and brother-in-law Rodney, of Morris Plains, NJ and her cousin Gwendolyn Millbourne of Philadelphia, PA along with countless colleagues, collaborators and friends.

About Coach Terri Martinez
Terri Martinez is a blogger and author who writes under the pen name Terri D. She published her debut novel titled Yesterday’s Lies in 2011.  Terri has since released four more novels and had a poem published as part of an anthology of poems about love titled Bubblin’ Brown Sugar.  Terri’s most recent release titled, Passport Wife is a memoir.

Although she continues to write, Terri is the Program Coordinator for Life Esteem Inc. In this role she coordinates the curriculum and training materials for the parenting programs offered through Life Esteem.

She’s an active member of the advisory board and was very instrumental in the opening of the Life Esteem Holistic Wellness Center in December 2017.

In June of 2018, Terri started a Non-Profit Organization, A Blessing for You.  Her non profit provides assistance to expectant and new mothers in need as well as providing training and connecting them to other community resources.  Terri is a trained Chaplain assistant, Certified Recovery Specialist and Certified Life Coach.  Terri offers life coaching services in person, via phone or video.

Visit the Connecting the Dots Life Coaching website:  https://connectingthedotsdiva.com 

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