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Black Dress Stain by Chalet A. Jean-Baptiste

Black Dress Stain by Chalet A. Jean-Baptiste
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Black Dresses Stain is for any woman who has ever loved a man. Every woman who has ever loved and hated; adored and despised; been loyal and betrayed; been in love and left alone; and had to find themselves again has issues they hide, emotions they deny and feelings that are difficult to reconcile - especially in today's society. This book speaks openly about love and relationships - addressing the consequences and rewards and sex and its pleasure and pain.

The stories portray different woman and their lives - each of them struggling to carry on while hiding insecurities, secrets, and lies. Each of them triumphs in different ways. Each of them takes you on a journey - to feel what they feel but can never say. Embrace each character, breathe for them, and let yourself live again!

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About the Author
Chalet A. Jean-Baptiste was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she first developed her love for issues surrounding Black people and her passion for writing. At 19 years old, she wrote, directed, and co-produced the Off-Broadway play, The Sound of Love’s Fire, which ran for a month and received awards and media recognition.

After graduating from Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, she began her career as a magazine and financial writer for TIAA-CREF in New York City.

She currently works at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), Manassas campus as an Associate Professor of English, where she teaches English, literature, African-American Literature, Poetry, Short Story, Mythology, and a Communications class.

She is also the co-director of a mentoring program, WISE, focused on providing academic and leadership opportunities for young women.

Chalet earned a M.A. in English from Long Island University and a M.A. in Communications from New York Institute of Technology. She is currently working on her doctorate in Writing and Rhetoric at George Mason University.  Website:  www.chaletswits.com

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