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Who Should You Hire to File Your Taxes by Harrine Freeman

Who Should You Hire to File Your Taxes
by Harrine Freeman

They are several types of tax professionals who prepare taxes. Perform an assessment to see what type of tax professional you need or if you can file your taxes on your own. 

Accountant vs CPA
CPA's are accountants who go through a stricter process to conduct business and have to pass a licensing examination in their state. All CPA's are accountants, but not all accountants are CPA's.

Tax Preparation Companies
Some tax preparations companies recruit students, stay-at-home moms or retirees to help them during tax season simply take a 1 day or 1 week course to get hired. Some tax preparations companies charging per hour or per form. No one can guarantee when you will get your tax return back, not even the IRS.

Tax Lawyer
You should hire a tax lawyer if you have received any notices from the IRS to appear in court, a lien or judgment has been filed against you by a tax authority, you owe a large sum of money to the IRS, you are a business owner with partners or investors, or you founded a non-profit company.

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Meet the Author
Harrine Freeman
is an authority on personal finance with over 10 years of experience under her belt. Freeman is a financial counselor, CEO of H.E. Freeman Enterprises and Author of "How to Get out of Debt: Get An “A” Credit Rating for Free," a self-help book on credit repair that provides consumers with a step by step plan on how to get out of debt, increase their credit rating and plan for the future. 

She has impacted the lives of thousands of people in the United States through public speaking engagements and financial counseling. She is called upon by business owners, CEO’s, celebrities, students, teachers, sororities, fraternities, displaced workers, veterans and families. She helps client's prepare for financial freedom, by providing useful advice, resources and the tricks of the trade to ease concerns and really steer clients in the right financial direction. 

She is a member of Credit Professionals International, American Association of Daily Money Managers, American Association of Individual Investors and National Speakers Association.

She has been featured in: Featured in Market Watch, Wall Street Journal, Forbes,The Washington Post, NASDAQ, Huffington Post, MSN Money, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine, Ebony, Woman’s Day magazines.

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