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First Things First: Learning to Love God & Self 

I have seen far too many African American women emotionally wrecked because the love relationship they've invested so much of themselves into—ended. The reason being, it started out on all the wrong reasons. The contemporary single woman of today is armed with the wrong thoughts, actions and second-hand information on how to have and keep a love relationship that will hopefully blossom into a marriage. (Sadly, too many single black women are given baby showers and not enough bridal showers).

Taking a brief look at history, we learn that women have suffered from the atrocities of a dominant male society from practically every culture in the world including the U.S. These atrocities gave birth to misogyny which without a doubt planted seeds of low self-esteem, insecurity and self-exploitation in young and mature women alike.

Again, with just that brief examination, it is imperative that women are nurtured to love themselves and to TRULY love themselves, they must accept God into their souls. When we enter into a relationship—a love affair—with Spirit (God), we embrace ourselves thereby embracing the Divine Feminine. (Anyone, men and women alike, seeking a spiritual path to God must embrace the Divine Feminine). But for now the focus is on emotionally and psychologically wounded women who need to understand the wisdom and beauty of the Divine Feminine within them-- these are the daughters of the living God.

One of the many attributes obtained through prayer, meditation and growth on the spiritual path to God is knowing how to discern the difference between a healthy, exhilarating and humble love of self versus a vain, conceited self-indulgent love which is not really love but an insatiable lust to fill a void. We must do some serious soul searching, introspection and reflection...and that may require opening up some old wounds and letting them bleed for a moment. This symbolic “bloodletting” is forgiveness.
Some of us feel that if we refuse to forgive certain individuals, they will reap their karma much sooner. We could never be further from the truth. The spiritual law of Karma will prevail—you need not worry yourself about that. When we engage in healthy introspection and reflection, we seek to learn from our past mistakes and experiences, our souls are cleansed and with that cleansing comes a peacefulness—the peacefulness Jesus Christ spoke of that 'transcends all understanding.' But until we honestly forgive ourselves and the pain inflicted on us by others, we will NEVER be able to give or receive wholesome love.

Meet Magdalena Allen
is a spiritual/motivational coach and writer.   She is a TV/print commercial model. She lives with her husband and two children in Maryland. She can be contacted via email at:   magdalena9196@gmail.com


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