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Three Tips for Artistic Life Design By Delaina Miller

Three Tips for Artistic Life Design
By Delaina Miller

We all have the potential to dream and create our realities!

When picking out the marble that he used to create David, Michelangelo said he could see/envision David in the stone. As a result he was able to create his vision of David using his imagination. Artists use their imaginations so that they can play with their creations. Their abilities to imagine and then project become a vital part of their artful designs. But artists do not just create sculptures, paintings, photos, etc of random images. Artists depict life and life's potentials. They use a hybrid of reality and imagination to create these works of art.  We can do the same when designing our lives. We all have the potential to dream and create our realities. We just need to look at our lives through our artist's eye, and get to work.

Finished Product and the End Result
The first step is to follow Michelangelo's example and look at our lives from a perspective as if our accomplishments had been achieved. Think about what do want your creation to be? Imagine that someone is introducing you: how do you want to be introduced, who do you what to be introduces as, what are the accomplishments you want to be known for, what is the legacy you want to leave behind? Look at the ideal finished masterpiece of you, what do you see? Use the answers to these questions as your guide to see your "David" in the marble.

Imagine Your Medium
Now that you have a clear vision of what your life looks like, imagine all of the ways that you can sculpt yourself. You are already a work of art, the point of developing yourself as a masterpiece is to become your best "you" by your standards. Remember you become the best you by not chiseling or molding yourself into someone else. But rather you sculpt your interests, abilities, and passions into the perfect you; while bearing in mind we are not striving for a flawless you. Your "flaws" are attributes to the perfect you. I am sure the Michelangelo saw flaws in David but he also realized that those flaws are what made David, David.

What are your interests, what are your abilities, and what are your passions? These are the main questions to help you find your medium, the materials, the masterpiece "You" will be created from. Use your own visions of how you would design your life and you as your masterpiece. This will allow you to really let yourself feel the emotions of fulfillment, happiness, and craft your true character.

Create Your Vision
Create and recreate your vision of you. If your medium is writing, then find ways to write as often as possible and find support groups. Whatever your medium is, visualize yourself doing activities in your medium that further shape, mold, and polish "You."

In order to make your visions realities, you may need to develop your skills. Visualize the tools you will need to create "You."   Do you need to go back to school, maybe community college, to build your skills?  For example, if your medium is writing find a local writer's guild you can join so that you get constructive feedback.

While you are creating the vision of your masterpiece, there are other artistic elements to remember. You are designing your life and the masterpiece "You,"  you need to let the art evolve and grow. Just as artists listen to their art for guidance, listen to yourself so that you are sculpting the true you. When you feel like your original vision is no longer satisfying, change your direction. Also when you run into complications see these as learning opportunities not as reasons to give up on your masterpiece.
Other vision elements are to change your perspective and to have fun. It is important stand back and look at your masterpiece from all angles. By so doing, you will be able to see yourself in 3D, lifelike, and from someone else's perception. Also, and perhaps most important, have fun. You are designing your life you want your life to be fun, so that you can enjoy it. So don't allow the functions of design to weigh you down.
When designing your life imagine and think like an artist. See the finished product in your artistic mind's eye and chisel away the extra weight (emotional baggage) that does not belong in the ideal sculpture of you. Take into account that you are already a work of art you are just polishing your attributes to shape yourself and life into a masterpiece. Allow yourself to use your artistic abilities to imagine and envision your full potential.
Tuning into your real desires and dreams can be hard with all of the noise we hear every day. We all need a place that allows us to meditate on our individual dreams.

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