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The Year of the Nurse by D. Michele Jackson

The Year of the Nurse by D. Michele Jackson
A worldwide celebration of "the lady with the lamp" on what would be her bicentennial birthday. 

Do you know how to put on a condom correctly?


A milestone birthday for Florence Nightingale (May 12, 1820) as nurses worldwide celebrates one of the many pioneers of the nursing profession and her accomplishments. Known for emphasis on "decreasing infection" as a vital nursing intervention, in a society with new challenges and timeless strategies for prevention, the year 2020 continues with infectious health disparities.

On a Medical-Surgical unit in a hospital, the actual amount of fluids received, with an exact amount of fluids excreted is critical results to a surgeon during the postoperative period. The professional nurse is held accountable for presenting this information. With the increase of hospital-associated infections, when appropriate, the option to use external devices as opposed to an internal.

An example of external intervention is the condom cath. Just as it implies, the nurses place a condom with an outlet on the male patient. The opening connects to a bag that allows the drainage to flow into a bag allowing for precise measurements. There are many uses for an external condom; I'm writing from the perspective of a medical-surgical nurse.

The earliest date I could find for the creation of the condom Cath is 1500 BC. Additional research reveals a prototype for female external catheters in 1982. Unsure of the invention of either, as a nurse of twenty-five years with Med-Surg nursing experience, I have never used such a device for women versus the use of condom catheters countless times for men.

Patricia M. Barrodale writes, "External Catheter will constitute a historically overdue, major advance in the care of incontinent women." Florence Nightingale's framework implores "To facilitate 'the body's reparative processes' by manipulating the client's environment."

Health is, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." World Health Organization (WHO). In this election year, some 125.92 million women can take charge of their health by electing a candidate proven in the interest of women's health.

"The Center for Disease reports HIV known to exist in the United States from the mid to late 1970s." Who's been a president as women's health has been stagnant? Healthy people 2020 report 19% of newly infected with HIV in 2015 were women. Despite innovations in health, "there is no cure for HIV/AIDS."

Consequently, a nursing diagnosis of Powerlessness is a reality. December is an HIV/AIDS awareness month. Points to Consider When Using a Male Condom.

Celebrating a milestone in her career, D. Michele Jackson shares her requests for legislation to ensure wellness for women. In her novel, based on a true story, it offers opinions. Healthy women evolve from collective approaches committed to the causes of women during a life span.

Nursing in different capacities over the last twenty-five years, D. Michele Jackson cordially invites you to join the journey on the Lipstick Movement blog tour as she requests the implementation of changes: The 19th Amendment for Further Evaluation as implied by a world-renowned pioneer:

"The Real Goal of Nursing, 'to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him'" — Florence Nightingale

About the Author
Celebrating twenty-five years as a professional nurse, Donna Michele Jackson now adds a writer, published, politically active nurse to her accolades. Having studied Sociology at the historically Black college: Tuskegee University and graduating from Charter Oak State College with honors, it is as a registered nurse opportunity lend itself.

As a novice legal nurse consultant, Donna represented herself pro se. The experience allowed the drafting of legal documents during historical time. It afforded her a voice advocating for health as she submitted an argument to the United States Supreme Court and Congress supporting amending the Nineteenth Amendment.

Donna shares her experience in a novel based on a true story, Joy: Jesus on You. Donna is on a mission to encourage, educate, and empower.

Visit her website: https://www.dmichelejackson.com  and follow her online book tour: https://www.smore.com/y0bp7

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