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Broken Conditions by Jo Lena Johnson

Broken Conditions by Jo Lena Johnson
Volume 1 of The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles

BROKEN CONDITIONS is about peeling through the pain in life, love and relationships. Get encouraged through thought-provoking stories from one woman's life as she shares how relationships made her and broke her.

Broken Conditions highlights the author’s college years and chronicles key relationships, which lead to drama, adventure, hurt and poor choices into her 30s. See how growing up affects and influences almost every decision, relationship and behavior. When what she learned wasn’t working, she did something about it … sometimes!

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The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles are stories from one woman’s life as she shares how relationships made her and broke her. As she learned how to navigate through being a daughter with parent issues, a black woman, single woman, dating woman, married yet unhappy woman, divorced woman and an entrepreneur, she is a clean colored girl, making it in the world. Trials keep you strong when you learn to endure them, and that she does.

What Does Being a Clean Colored Girl Mean?
Being a Clean Colored Girl is being courageous, perseverant and remaining openhearted, even when it hurts, facing interesting and difficult situations in life and becoming resilient as a result.

Broken Conditions

Broken Conditions are often rooted in family dynamics and many times we don’t know the effects of the past until life happens and it’s difficult to cope or heal. People don’t mind breaking others because they are already broken and we all know, misery loves company. Once broken, restoration is possible – by putting the past where it belongs, because it has passed. Peeling through the pain is what most people need to do in order to get beyond their Broken Conditions.

Why is Resilience Important?
Resilience is the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens. You matter. Overcoming life’s challenges takes resilience.

The Clean Colored Girl Association
We stay connected internationally through a group hosted on Facebook. In person, we are forming chapters around the country. It’s time for women to connect through life and struggles, coming out better, on the other side.

Reviews for Broken Conditions by Jo Lena Johnson

“The level of honesty in this book might surprise you: truthfulness about mistakes, family challenges, rush to judgment, less-than-perfect relationships. But Jo Lena Johnson shares her life— the good, bad and ugly —with an unwavering frankness that we can all learn from. Not only will you see the author in Broken Conditions, but you will also see yourself. This is recommended reading, and I am eagerly awaiting The Lady and the Chief, the second volume of The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles!”
- Daryle Glynn Brown, News Producer

“Reading Broken Conditions is like having a good, long talk with a close girlfriend, sharing secrets while sworn to secrecy. The stories are intensely personal—some biting, some tender. Though the author’s experiences are unique, they’re also the universal tales of wisdom every soulful woman will find encouraging and inspiring.”
- Mara Purl, Best-selling, Award-winning Author of the Milford-Haven Novels

Broken Conditions is an honest account of the life experiences of a “clean colored girl.” The author doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel here. She simply tells the stories that many women, colored or otherwise, can relate to. The stories that shape who we become over and over again; growing up a product of divorce, the struggle of the mother-daughter relationship, and MEN! These are stories of failure and brokenness and growth and resilience. Johnson’s storytelling is such that you’ll place yourself in the back seat of that Cadillac with the trumpet player’s friend as he starts to urinate in a cup. You’ll experience the terror of hiding in the bathroom as a drug-addicted man kicks in the back door. You can taste the excitement of living out your dreams in Los Angeles and the fulfillment of finding God and purpose. This is a good and quick read that will leave you wanting Volume 2.”
– Faith Conner, Host, The Platform 314 Podcast

Broken Conditions is fantastic! It reminds me of books like Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert or Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan. It’s real and keeps you reading. How lucky Jo Lena is to have an amazing and interesting life. She was always starting “projects,” i.e. relationships, endeavors, etc. in the book that weren’t always necessarily for the betterment of her soul. Just her filling the holes. Channeling this book into a movie; now that’s a better project. Everyone is soul searching and will connect with her story.”
– Shannon Tocco

Broken Conditions is the perfect book for a quick weekend read. Jo Lena does an excellent job of being relatable and real. In fact, I almost felt like she and I were sitting on my couch with a cup of Joe while she told me about her life. From struggles as a child and rocky relationships in her 30s to triumph as a business woman, Broken Conditions takes you on a journey that shows you exactly why Jo Lena Johnson is the “Absolute Good Resilience Coach.”
– Katy Beigel

“I’m sorry, but then again, I’m not sorry, because God has a way of using us and our stories for his good. In reading Broken Conditions, I saw myself, my mother, the stepfather and men in my own life. As a child, we are in a play called “Life” and it just happens. After growing up in a whirlwind, I had to make conscious decisions not just for myself, but for my three sons. I didn’t want to succumb to drinking, drugs, and being a whore. The love and respect I had for my kids made me respect me. I have this survivors guilt, how did I go through so much in life without going crazy, going to jail, or even dead? My discovery is, I’ve been kept by God to share the only truth I know. This life doesn’t belong to me, and I must share his grace and mercy even when I don’t fully understand the purpose or plan of the journey. I love you so much for sharing, and allowing me to be a part of your journey.”
– Delena Evans

“Reading Broken Conditions made me feel like I wasn’t alone, not that I would want someone to ever go through my situation of life, but the reality is that these issues are more prominent than mentioned. The book made me think about the many ladies and gentlemen like me going through obstacles and over hurdles of life because of the dysfunctional conditions in which they were raised has an adverse effect on their being. Their normal adaptation has repercussions for their tomorrow.”
– Robin Thomas

About the Author
Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Communications Strategist

Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach, is an International Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, and Book Publisher. It’s time to interrupt the effects of people, places and things. Authentic connection, intuitive interaction and open communication create understanding. Jo Lena Johnson offers tangible ways to reconnect to the core of who we are, and share them, if we choose. The principles of “You Are Brilliant, 7 Ways to Shine” are the foundation of Ms. Johnson’s life work, Hope and Help for the Hurting.

Principle-focused, results-driven, and heart-centered, Jo Lena has taught over 95,000 people worldwide with her no-nonsense and dynamic approach. Become uniquely self-aware, unburdened, enlightened and empowered through spending time with Ms. Johnson.

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