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Statistics Be Darned: You can Beat the Odds At Love Too

Suzette Hinton-Vearnon, Author. Innovator. Leader. 

Topic - Statistics Be Darned: You can Beat the Odds At Love Too.  

Through coaching, writing and SBD-hosted events, Suzette seeks to reach sisters worldwide with her liberating message and give them the tools to co-create the lives they envision. Listen to her session here:

Suzette seeks to reach sisters worldwide with her liberating message and give them the tools to co-create the lives they envision.


--statistics do not determine whether you find love, 
--success to compensate for not having love is no success at all, 
--hopelessness and settling are the byproducts of desperation, 
--you need help to break out of prison,  
--give yourself a pardon from from your inner critic, 
--reclaim your heart


L - You deserve Laughter.  A great love is a joy-filled one.  There is a smile and laugh that transcends
    the temporary and becomes a celebratory feeling that rises from your soul.

O - You deserve Opulence.  A great love is enriched.  There is a fullness and splendor
    to loving and being loved.

V - You deserve Viability.  A great love thrives.  It's its own ecosystem, capable of sustaining your life.  
    You feel more alive and more yourself.

E - You deserve Eros.  A great love is fiercely intimate.  It's a celebration of your sexuality and attractiveness, not merely for procreation or in response to a drive. Rather, it allows you to be
    uninhibited with another.   


L - You deserve liberation.  A great life is one where you feel ALIVE!  You are no longer tied to the
    opinions of others or roles that don't suit you.  You are free to live your life on your terms.

I - You deserve inspiration.  A great life is an exciting life.  You awaken every morning excited about
    your day and the Higher Vibration to which you have been called to live.

F - You deserve fulfillment.  A great life is fulling and meaning.  There is now meaning to the why's of
    your life and a strong sense of Purpose to what you do.

E - You deserve economic power.  A great life is one where money supports all the above.  Money
    is your ally.  It is no longer your taskmaster.  Debt is no longer your jailer.  Bills are no longer your warden.


Defying the statistics that said otherwise, Author, Life Coach and Leader of the Statistics Be Darned (SBD) Community of Women, Suzette Hinton now Vearnon married on her 55th birthday. She, a twice-divorced 50-year-old woman with no prospects, wanted only one thing: to know what a healthy romantic relationship with a man felt like. The marriage was just gravy.  Her newfound mission is to tell single women there is hope. And two, don't settle.  

Protecting Your Emotional G-spot by Suzette Hinton

Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot cuts through the denial and debunks the lies we believe, the red flags we ignore and the blind spots that paint strangers as friends.  It's time out for hindsight being 20-20.  It's time for foresight to be 20-20.  

Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot will teach you how:

    to stop getting in bed with strangers
    to trust your internal warning system instead of overriding it
    to stop confusing anxiety for love
    to not fall in love with a fake Romeo or fake Juliet

...and so much more.

Order from website:

About the Speaker
Suzette Hinton-Vearnon is the founder of Odyssey Administrative Services, Odyssey Music Consultants and Purposeful Connections and the creator of the MusicMathTM Approach to Dating and Relating has created businesses that provide administrative and bookkeeping services, musicians and vocal coaching, and life/relationship coaching solutions.   

She is a transformer.  With 20+ years in accrual and cash accounting and 35+ years in administrative assistance, she transforms messed up, mishandled financial records into properly managed ones.  

She is a refiner.   
Suzette takes raw musical talent and produces polished performers.  Whether it’s preparing wedding singers, teaching piano students or working with choirs, Suzette brings star power to everything she does.  

She is an amplifier.  
As a life coach, she debunks the belief that living a mediocre life or working a job that you hate is the road to your dreams.  Illuminating insights from her books, The Sound of My Life, The Sound of My Soul and Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot, she amplifies your inner expert and serves as an accountability partner in your quest for fulfillment.  

The day her book launched, the Editor-in-Chief of VMH Magazine, Vikki Hankins, paid her a surprise visit.  Holding the April 2013 issue of the magazine, she announced that Suzette's articles on actors Rhona Bennett and Richard Lawson had made the cover.  Just three months later, she was a featured author at the 2013 Aspiring Author's Workshop in Winston-Salem, NC.  At the August 10, 2013 Anniversary Gala of Fine Success Magazine, Suzette was honored with the "2013 Excellence in Inspirational Writings Award" for thought-provoking and life-impacting writings.  And most recently, a teary-eyed Suzette was recognized at the esteemed annual African American Literary Tea for "living the dream and telling the story."  Not bad for a small town girl, huh!

Since that time, Suzette Hinton-Vearnon has embarked on a whole new adventure.  One as a wife.  Yes, Ms. Hinton is now Mrs. Vearnon.  Stymying statistics that said otherwise, she got married on her 55th birthday.  Her life can be summed up as this:  STATISTICS BE DARNED!

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