Monday, March 9

Sister You Are More Than Your Assets by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Angelia Vernon Menchan empowers us with Sister You Are More Than Your Assets
Listen to her Sisterhood session today:

Angelia Vernon Menchan says that Sister You Are More Than Your Assets is a mentor's outreach to younger sisters. Angelia Vernon Menchan has penned a timely book sharing her life experiences as a growing and grown woman in overcoming sometimes daunting experiences.

This session speaks to the way in which women can love, support and empower other women, sometimes by simply being there and listening. The book is in no way a cure for the ills of society and will not speak to every reader. It is meant for those who can take what they need and pass on the rest.

WOMANISH: How She Survived by Angelia Vernon Menchan

How Being Broken Saved Me

About the Author
Angelia Vernon Menchan is wife, mother, nana and mentor. Since January 2006, she has published 34 printed books and an additional 130 ebooks through her small publishing company, MAMM Productions. She is also the Co-founder of Honorable MENCHAN Media, through which she has published books for 15 authors to date.

Her personal motto is, 'There is abundance through God for all of us; we simply have to be open for our blessings.'  In 2017 she decided to add her hallmark phrase "Just LOVE"  to coffee mugs and tee-shirts. This phrase has taken on a life of its own!   #JustLove

In addition, Angelia is a prolific public speaker and mentor to women of all ages. She resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and cover designer, Maurice Menchan. Website:

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