Saturday, March 21

Removing The Bandages Movement with Sylinda Mumphery

Removing The Bandages Movement: Healing from Shame, Guilt & Fear by Sylinda Mumphery. Sylinda is an Author, Youth Empowerment Mentor, Speaker & Radio Talk Show Host.

Removing The Bandages encourages women to remove their bandages, expose their hurt, get real and be healed. Private pain happens when your problems have pushed you into a position of pondering on the need to be loved or accepted, when you've been betrayed by those you trusted. 

When the wounds of rape, low self esteem, sicknesses, unforgiveness, depression, emptiness, brokenness, divorce, abuse, rejection, etc; have left you bleeding internally and there is nothing that no one can do or say; It is then that you realize that you have to become unshielded, unvarnished and uncovered as you allow the bandages to be removed and your private parts to be HEALED.

Listen to Sylinda Mumphery's Sisterhood message:

Sylinda Mumphery is president and founder of SylindaD, LLC. She is an Author, Mentor, Youth and Women Empowerment Speaker and Radio Talk Show Host of Removing The Bandages with SylindaD. She is the founder of SylindaD's Girls to Pearls and serves as the Facilitator for My Sisters Keeper Cordele. 

Her movement ‘Removing The Bandages’ is very powerful and allows her to grace many platforms as she speaks into the lives of women encouraging them to expose their wounds, undress the mess and allow healing to begin.

She currently resides in Atlanta Georgia. She has been featured as an extra in the movies The Preachers Kid and This Time. She has also been featured in The Strut Magazine, Kish Magazine, WALB Channel 10 Noon Day Show, Dialogue With Karla, Phil Streetman Noon Day Show, Atlanta Live Show several Radio Shows and Conferences. 

Sylinda D. Mumphery, President SylindaD, LLC
Host: Removing The Bandages Radio Talk Show

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