Friday, March 20

I Am God's Work of Art by Minister Yvonne Evans-Strachan

We are discussing the children's book I Am God’s Work of Art by Yvonne Strachan.  Every child is a blessing from God. No matter where they come from, how they look physically, their gender, or nationality.
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I Am God’s Work of Art inspires children to become one with themselves and to embrace their unique characteristics, personality, and appearance.  This book empowers children always to know that they are special, creative, wonderful, and love unconditionally by God. Each reader is assured that they have a special purpose to fulfill.

I Am God’s Work of Art builds the confidence of children, reminding them to be confident and courageous in everything that they do. Children will also be inspired to do everything that they desire to do in life and to stay in their own unique lane. This book is filled with inspiration and power that will assist children to be victorious and never to reject embracing their greatness.

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About the Author
Minister Yvonne Evans-Strachan is the founder and President of Ministry In Motion in Miami, Florida. As a minister, author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, play-write, mentor, humanitarian, and life-long learner, her primary goal is to inspire the masses to create their best lives from the inside out, by utilizing their own unique God given creativity.

Minister Strachan utilizes the unique genres of literature, music, and plays, coupled with prophetic inspiration to create and produce one of a kind plays and biblical dramatizations. This particular area of ministry has taken Yvonne to numerous platforms, stages, and venues throughout the US.

Minister Strachan is especially grateful for the platform of prison ministry that was made possible through her dramatization ministry. Additionally, through Minister Strachan’s efforts in cultural awareness and her unfeigned commitment to affecting societal changes; Ministry In Motion has sponsored “Feeding in the Park”, which provides home cooked meals for the homeless as well as for any others who need a meal. This service has been provided for the last four years on a monthly basis.

Minister Strachan truly believes that charity begins at home; and with the right amount of compassion, intellect, and commitment asserted, charity can become contagious. She believes, “We all are God’s Work of Art.” Created to serve each other with our God given talents and unique capacities.

Minister Strachan is the mother of two brilliant daughters and four wonderful grandchildren.

“If we honored each other’s abilities and creativity, there would be no need for weapons of mass destruction. We would only need a heart full of love and lots of paint, brushes, canvases, writing paper, pens, pencils, lots of dreamers, and music to play in synchronized harmony with the rest of the universe”. –Yvonne Strachan

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