Sunday, March 22

Become Your Own Reporter: Connecting with the Media with Andrea Blackstone

Andrea Blackstone, Freelance Reporter, Editor and Humanities Consultant teaches listeners how to  Become Your Own Reporter: Connecting with the Media. Listen to her session and share with your network:

Andrea Blackstone is the co-founder of Kid Time Enterprises, a freelance reporter, editor and humanities consultant who grew up in Annapolis. She currently writes for The Baltimore Times, The Annapolis Times and The Prince George’s Sentinel. Blackstone worked as the editor of The Andrews Gazette, located in Prince George’s County. She previously established book and events blogs, in addition to a popular digital entertainment publication.

Through her journey to gain journalism experience, she developed an ability to highlight interesting people, unique places and good news that is typically undiscovered. She is a fan of social networking, research, tasty vegetarian food and helping to encourage youth to achieve their goals. Blackstone also runs a small business with her 4-year-old son. She earned degrees from Morgan State University and St. John’s College. 

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