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The Two Stages of Improving Your Life

The Two Stages of Improving Your Life

To move from one place in your life to another; that is the
goal of most people. To make there current circumstances
better. This all begins with one important step - desire.

Without desire to change, a happier life is far from reach.
A wise individual once said, 'He who aims at nothing is
sure to hit it.' Before you can live a better life, you
must know specifically what you intend to improve. You must
want these things because chances are good that they will
not find you.

What to improve? Where to make changes? That is up to you.
A list of possible areas is much too long to include in a
short newsletter. A few key aspects include:

- your relationships with family and friends
- your health and well-being
- your financial standing
- your career
- your education, knowledge

These are just a few of the places that you could focus on
this year. Be sure to make a list of as many items as you
can think of. Then edit and condense to conclude with a
list of areas that you are dedicated to growing.

That is the first stage. Desire is a must, but a plan is
just as important. Earl Baken, co founder of Medtronics,
was a big believer in planning out the future. In April of
1949, he presented his board with his 100-year plan for the
new company. This may be a bit extreme, but sometimes the extreme 
is the best way to drive home a vital point. Take your desires and
goals and make them tangible, real, and workable.

The following tips will help you to plan your goals:

1. Write it down - This step is extremely important. The
ideas in your head are never as powerful as when written on

2. Break it down - What steps need to be taken for you to
reach your goal? Knowing the steps involved will do two
things for your motivation. It will take a seemingly large
goal and dissect it into simpler parts. Along with making
your goals more manageable, separating your goals into
their sections will give you a detailed plan of what you
need to do, when you need to do it, and how it will be

3. Set a deadline - This is almost as important as writing
it down. Only when a date is set does the idea of
achievement really sink in.

4. Get to work - Procrastination will guarantee one thing
for you and your goals - nothing. Yes, that's right, if you
do nothing, you get nothing. Merideth Wilson, from The
Music Man, put it this way, 'If you pile up enough
tomorrows, you'll end up with a lot of empty yesterdays.'
To ensure that you end up with yesterdays full of
accomplishment and fulfillment, get started now.

Desire change, plan the change, and work your plan. This is the system of your
New Year's Success.

Jason Gracia

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