Thursday, March 31

A Five-Step System to Getting Motivated at Work

A Five-Step System to Getting Motivated at Work

Work is where you will spend countless hours, days, and
years of your life. When you can't find the motivation
you desire, work can be frustrating, boring, and far
from satisfying.

Because you will spending so much of your life working,
it's important to get motivated and excited about your
occupation. When you wake up wanting to go to your job,
that's a great thing. I know you can have it, because I 
enjoy that feeling every day of the week.

This is the time to get your energy going and your
creative juices flowing. You can either drive to work
like a zombie and keep all thoughts out of your head, or
you can make your morning drive productive and

Listen to audio tapes while you drive to work. This will
not only motivate you, but also help educate you.
Listening to the radio is a mistake if you have some good
audio programs to listen to.

You could also pick a challenge you are facing and work,
and think of solutions as you drive. When you reach your
job, you'll have several ideas to go with instead of
starting from scratch with nothing at all.

As you finish your drive, begin to focus in on what you
will work on that day. If you have a manager telling you
what needs to be done, then this step is already taken
care of. But if you must choose where to begin when you
arrive at work, do so before you get there.

As you enter the front door, try to have a single
starting point in mind. Perhaps you have report to
finish, or you have to create a new marketing campaign.
Regardless of your responsibilities, know where you will
start as the door closes behind you.

When you reach work, limit your 'settling down to work'
time to only five minutes. Many people get to work, talk
to a few friends, go through the mail, check their e-
mail, talk a little more, spin in circles in their
chairs, and by the time you know it, lunch time!

Give yourself a time limit and when you reach it, get to
work on your first goal of the day. After a few weeks of
putting this tip to use, you'll be amazed at how much
more you can accomplish during the day.

If you stick to the five minute minimum, and enter the
doors with focus, your brain will need a quick break now
and then. Give yourself a five to ten minute break during 
the day to help you get refreshed and rejuvenated.

As the day is winding down, and you are getting ready to
head out the door, make a brief list of goals that you
have yet to accomplish. Leave the list on your desk so
you will know exactly what you have to work on when you
get to work the next morning.

Follow these simple tips today, and the motivation and 
energy you desire will be waiting for you tomorrow. 

Jason Gracia

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