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Anger Does Not Rule You by Natasha Frazier

Anger Does Not Rule You by Natasha Frazier

Don’t sin by letting anger control you. Think about it overnight and remain silent. (Psalm 4:4 NLT)

The Bible cautions us that our anger can lead us to sin. Jesus even speaks about this by saying “be angry but sin not.” In this verse alone, the Bible shares three ways to deal with anger:

Don’t allow anger to control you. You allow anger to control you when it drives your thoughts and actions.

Think about it overnight. Give yourself some time to cool down. Think about why you are angry. Is the situation or person that’s causing you to be angry going to matter tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year?

Remain silent.  When you’re angry, it is quite possible to say things that will lead to even more trouble and possibly destroy relationships.  Hold your peace and don’t spew words when you’re angry.  You do not want a situation to get out of control because you were upset.

When you take time to walk away from the situation and cool down, you’ll often find that it isn’t worth the energy to stay angry.  You may even forget what you were upset about in the first place.

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, teach me to control my anger and not allow my anger to control me. Give me wisdom in dealing with my anger so that I may not destroy relationships or find myself further away from You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Additional Scripture reading: Psalm 4 and James 1

Meet the Author

Natasha Frazier
has penned a Readers' Choice award-winning devotional, The Life Your Spirit Craves. The Life Your Spirit Craves is a 30-Day devotional and journal that encourages readers to seek, accept and pursue their God-given assignment.. Her second book, Not Without You: 365 Days in the Lord’s Presence encourages readers to make devotion a part of their everyday life by seeking God every day. Not Without You has been nominated for the Henri Award. The Henri Award recognizes excellence in Christian literature. Her debut fiction novel, Love, Lies & Consequences has also been nominated for the Henri Award.

Pursue Purpose; It is never too late to do what you have been predestined to do!

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