Friday, March 20

Worship While You Wait by Ann L. Esters-Stevenson

Ann Esters-Stevenson, Soul Talk Co-Author, shares with us for the Sisterhood chat her awe-inspiring message titled: Worship While You Wait. Listen to her Crown Holders message:

Love, Life & Lessons Learned by Ann L. Esters-Stevenson

Love, Life, & Lessons Learned is a riveting book that emulates the strength & tenacity of several women who authentically share their own unique experiences of love & the lessons learned along the way. If you’ve ever found yourself questioning your own value, self-worth, or ability to be loved the way you've always imagined, then these stories will inspire you to overcome those challenges and strive at becoming your Best Self.

Each Co-Author vividly shares both our struggles and successes based on experiences with marital trials, toxic relationships, domestic violence, death, and hostile work environments that “nearly” broke us.

However, our stories are so uniquely intertwined that the plans and love of GOD are prominently shown through the mending process of our lives. After having read these stories, you too will be catapulted in moving forward beyond what’s happened to you & focused more on what’s happening through you.

Ann L. Esters-Stevenson collaborates with fourteen other authors who give power packed testimonies on their own struggles with loving themselves, having loved others, or even both.

Each author gives a poignant authentic view into their personal experiences and how they navigated through their quest to live a life of love beyond the lessons learned. These stories are meant to demonstrate the strength and tenacity of women who while not perfect, fully understand and have experienced the love of GOD which is both constant and unfailing.

In turn, they’ve grown in Grace to love themselves more which helps them more in loving other people. After having read these stories, not only will they resonate and prompt you to “Live Your Best Life”,  you too will be inspired to walk in faith, hope, and love…the greatest of these being love.

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About the Author
Ann L. Esters-Stevenson is an Author, Motivator, Influencer, and Servant Leader deemed a “Woman after GOD’s own heart” who has an unyielding passion to “Pray it Forward” by pouring into the lives of others.

With greater than 25 years’ experience in Corporate Leadership encompassing areas of Coaching, Development, Training, and Business Continuous Improvement as a Six Sigma Green Belt, Ann has also served in various leadership capacities at her Church as Coach for a mentoring & discipleship ministry.

Deemed a Diversity & Inclusion Leader, she’s a true advocate for promoting a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment while acting as liaison between HR – Talent Acquisition Staff & various Employee-Business Resource Groups.

Having an innate ability to encourage & uplift, she has coached & mentored many both personally and professionally in maintaining a clear vision of themselves while placing a deep emphasis on the realization of who they are as GOD’s children while walking in true commitment to their own passion & purpose. 

She has been married for 7 years to her Best Friend & Husband, Shaun, & they have 2 Ahhhmazing Sons and an adorable Yorkshire Terrier, Seven {007}.  In her spare time, she absolutely loves spending quality time with family & friends, traveling, collecting crosses, and interior design.



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