Monday, March 23

Unstoppable Success: How to Finally Create the Body, Business & Lifestyle You Want by TaVona Denise

Unstoppable Success by TaVona Denise.  Listen to her session here:

How to FINALLY Create the Body, Business and Lifestyle You Want. Stop Chasing Money!

Business strategist, lifestyle and productivity expert TaVona Denise teaches entrepreneurs how to use their genius to work smarter, leveraging their time and talents to build businesses that are scalable.  Her mission?  To help women to build successful location-independent businesses without sacrificing the lifestyle they want.

In a world where everyone is saying you have to give 110%, TaVona uses her skills as a certified life and wellness coach to take a holistic approach to business, incorporating mindset, self-care, business strategies and execution techniques that end overwhelm, boost confidence and break the need for endless hours of work.

TaVona is the Chief Consultant at TDI Enterprises and author of Unstoppable Success: How to FINALLY Create the Body, Business and Lifestyle You Want, where she shares her personal motto: success is 80% mental and 20% skill and reveals her journey to success.  Her conversational style and cycling stories are favorites among her audiences, reminding them that it's not over until they win!

Organizations including Piedmont Hospital and Sky Fire Security have partnered with TaVona to improve processes, increase productivity and profits.  However, she really enjoys working with coaches, consultants, web designers and the like to improve their work flow and boost their bottom line.

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