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Unlocking Your Destiny. Unleash Your Brilliance by Jessica McSheck Houston, PhD

Unlocking Your Destiny. Unleash Your Brilliance. Speaker: Dr. Jessica Houston, Success Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Master Trainer and Transformational Leader. Listen to her Sisterhood segment here:

There are millions of women who are suffering in silence. It is so easy for us to pretend that we are happy with our lives, our finances, our appearance and so forth. However, the truth is that we are fighting a battle that no one else knows about. This discussion is all about giving yourself permission to release any anger, guilt, disappointment, or pain that has been keeping you from living your best life. Dr. Jessica Houston provides solid strategies on how you can transform your life and know what it feels like to be authentically happy.

Jessica McSheck Houston, PhD, LMSW is a licensed social worker, master trainer and transformational leader. As a success coach and empowerment speaker she is committed to helping others discover and walk in their purpose. As a result of overcoming poverty, depression, low self-confidence and intimate partner violence, Dr. Houston is now equipped to share with others how they can live an abundant and satisfying life, despite any obstacles they may encounter. 

She continues to help women across the nation upgrade their vision of what they are capable of achieving. Dr. Houston has presented at Schools, Colleges, Faith Based Institutions, and at National Conferences. Dr. Jessica Houston travels nationally and internationally empowering thousands as an inspirational speaker and corporate trainer.   

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Walking in your purpose causes a disruption in your normal “life pattern” and attracts opposition. So, if you have encountered opposition lately, you are on the right path. What I need you to understand is that the right path is rarely the easy path. Your new path might require that you leave an unhealthy relationship, return to school, change careers or even start a business. When you get clarity on your purpose and your vision, you will be filled with excitement and ambition. 

However, there will come a point where you will have to experience discomfort. There will be obstacles, rejection and disappointment. However, instead of complaining about your discomfort, I am challenging you to embrace it. Growth and discomfort are team members. They work closely together. Your discomfort indicates that you are growing and experiencing something that you have not experienced before. When your challenge seems too tough for you, it is just right for God.

As you begin to walk in your purpose, you will see your circle become smaller than it has ever been. At this juncture, you begin to wonder if your vision is worth it. Let me answer that question for you...It Is Totally Worth It! 

Do not water the seeds of doubt that have been planted in your mind in an attempt to get you to abort your vision. Listen closely, never accept criticism or advice from someone who has never done what you are attempting to do. 

You might not have all of the money you need to reach your goals, but press forward anyway. You might not have all of the support that you would like to have, but press forward anyway. Finally, you probably have a ton of questions, and not enough answers. 

At this point, you know what to do next….press forward anyway. Keep pressing towards the mark, those who achieve their goals all have one thing in common- they refuse to give up. When you have passion and a burning desire to enhance your lifestyle, you will always encounter opposition. If a desire is placed in you, it can be fulfilled! 

Don’t get discouraged when you are stretched, you are being equipped for something greater!

About the Speaker
Dr. Jessica Houston is a licensed social worker, college professor and consultant. As the owner of a personal development and professional development training company she provides proven tools and strategies that her audience can begin implementing immediately. 

Dr. Houston has overcome poverty, depression, low self-confidence and intimate partner violence. For this reason, she is passionate about sharing how others can live an abundant and satisfying life, despite any obstacles they may encounter. In her non-fiction self-help book, “Women’s Secrets,” Dr. Houston is completely candid about her personal experiences and struggles. 

Dr. Houston has a speaking style that is captivating and engaging. Her messages are relevant and she believes in exceeding expectations. Dr. Houston travels nationally and internationally presenting at Schools, Colleges, Faith Based Institutions, Family Advocacy Agencies and at National Conferences. If your organization is seeking an engaging thought leader, connect with Dr. Houston today!

Jessica Houston Enterprises provides training and consulting to small businesses, colleges, corporations and faith-based institutions. We help our clients clarify and activate their vision. 

Our mission is to empower and equip our clients with the strategies needed to set bold goals and achieve them. As a result of partnering with Jessica Houston Enterprises, your organization will be positioned to experience accelerated growth.  Website:

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