Sunday, March 22

Think Well Be Well Now: Have a Love Affair with Yourself: Journey to Wellness & Wholeness

Candice Camille, The Wellologist™ and Lifestyle Wellness Coach  joins the Sisterhood Series to discuss Empower Yourself by Challenging Yourself.

Topic: Think Well Be Well Now - “Wellness is a state of mind, it is not something we do, it is who we become!”©  Listen to her Sisterhood session today:

For Wellologist® Candice Camille, wellness is who she is! When you experience Candice Camille, you get a strong sense that everything about you is about to change. With a very engaging, but very direct approach to life, one is left with a sense of urgency to do something NOW, once you depart her presence. With her boundless energy, infectious laughter, genuine enthusiasm for life and a body that epitomizes fit and healthy, one cannot help but be convinced that 50+ can indeed be the new 30.

For Candice Camille, wellness has to permeate the thought process of how you breathe, how you eat, how you move and how you engage the elements around you. Her strategic approach to wellness is to work with clients to help them to create synchronicity in each aspect of their lives with a goal of achieving their own ultimate state of wellness.

The former owner and operator of Pure Nuphoria Bed & Breakfast Wellness Center, Candice spends her days working one-on-one with individual clients and as a practitioner for commercial clients. In addition to fitness training, she also provides consulting on meal planning and altering lifestyle behaviors. 

Candice Camille is a licensed respiratory therapist and a pulmonary functions technologist.

Sexy Fit & Well Sister Circle

I am excited to welcome you into the Sexy Fit & Well Sister Circle.
This program is designed for women to make themselves the PRIORITY!
The Sexy, Fit & Well Circle is where women come together to create results that would be next to impossible to do alone, but with a group of people cheering and supporting you through the process! We will be discussing and growing through what’s holding you back, how to achieve your goals and ways to map out wellness strategies for building your life, health, relationships and business? Building Body and Mind Equity to be Sexy, Fit & Well is a loaded REALITY! When you master your body and mind you can master anything! Thank you for turning this possibility into your reality.

With a symbiotic approach to wellness, I will help you understand that wellness is a relationship between your mind, body and spirit. A concerted effort is made to invoke an atmosphere of calm, caring, trust and support; and we will have fun in the process. I understand that the road to wellness is not always easy, but in order to be the best you, it is necessary. I will help you make the connection through our informational, spiritual, emotional/mental and physical results-driven approach to being well. The bottom line is you will fall in love with you in the process!
I’m honored and excited to take this Quantum Leap into a healthier lifestyle and help you build a better you?

Monthly Membership will give you the solutions for your wellness revolution as you…
1. Unveil your amazing
2. Look good in/out of your clothes
3. Unblock your energy
4. Connect with like-minded women

Membership in the Sister Circle has it privileges…
  • Exclusive private Facebook Group
  • Monthly live teaching to build your life equity
  • Weekly Live Chew On That
  • Monthly Live Q&A/Power Talks
  • Weekly word workout
  • and so much more…in fact here are a few bonuses…
  • A very delicious, healthy smoothie recipe book valued at $47
  • An up close and personal intense discovery session on the Red Couch with the Wellologist Candice Camille valued at $397.

The Sexy Fit & Well Circle is a place where your Vitality will match your Reality. This is an ongoing online program valued at $47 per month. Subscription can be canceled at anytime with a 72 hour notice. Are you ready to UPGRADE and tap into your SEXY?

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