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Releasing Your Inner Goddess: Self-Love the Sensual Awakening by Tomeekha Pitre

Releasing Your Inner Goddess: Self-Love the Sensual Awakening by Tomeekha Pitre

Grown people do not have to be ashamed of embracing their sensual side. Self-love rocks! Tomeekha Pitre gives us and superb class on self-love/care and embracing your inner goddess to the fullest after a few setbacks in life. You must listen to the end and share with the women in your life:

Welcome to MEEK RETREATS with Tomeekha Pitre 
We specialize in transformational, educational and cultural retreats for the career driven woman. If you have been looking for a retreat that will transform your life, then a Meek Retreat is what you've been looking for.
We also customize retreats for transformation healers and life coaches. You have a purpose to heal and reach as many souls as possible. Let Meek Retreats plan your next retreat, eliminating the stress that comes with planning. We'll do the work and all you have to do is focus on your healing work.

Why Should You Attend A Transformational Retreat?

​Because you want a place to clear your mind without distraction from the day to day. 

Because you require a space to ask yourself questions that only your spirit can answer and you are ready to receive guidance.

Because you look forward to embracing the creator in you! You are the co-creator of your journey and here is where you'll draft the blueprint for your purposeful life.

Because you MUST incorporate a routine of meditation and gratitude into your daily life by identifying a pace that works for you. Our retreat weekend will assist in creating an internal place that you can escape to during your day-to-day business to reduce or eliminate stress.

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By Tomeekha Pitre

Sit In Stillness by Tomeeka Pitre. Cultivating Lasting Happiness - Planting the Seeds. Listen to her Crown Holders message:

Living fully in who I am. Shining my Light and bringing it to you.  Enjoying the relationship with my physical and inner self.  Divine love of self.  Enjoying the power of peace. Embracing silence.  I am a pure Light Being and living in it uniquely, authentically and unapologetically.  Fall in love with your unique self and live it peacefully and silently loud.  Bright Lights shine without having to announce it. They are simply who they are.     

It’s amazing how every experience in our life creates memories!

Sometimes when we sit still, close our eyes, and be quiet and just sit in the silence for 15 minutes or 30 minutes at some point we will be able to hear our inner higher self and often even ancestors.

Our next steps and guidance is held with the space of silence and stillness. Surrender to the stillness and the silence and create a beautiful new relationship with your entire self.

Learn how to work with the magic in you. Then be amazingly grateful for the memories you’ve created by allowing yourself to fully live in each experience.

The forest called me to it at the age of 10. The woods, the forest and any tree was my safe space. My diary. I’d speak to trees, hug their trunks, dance with leaves and stretch my arms to mimic the branches.

Friends that may have come with me would also enjoy it. That was when we were closest to the divine self and earth as one. Then, we grew up and no one was interested in going to the forest with me anymore. This is when I discovered a deep connection with trees and all of nature. This is where I learned to meditate, but I didn’t know that’s what it was then.

As an adult and when I moved to CA, I met friends who enjoyed nature as much as do and we would go hiking in the forests of S. CA.

I share this story for those who may feel weird because you speak to trees and you are able to hear them speak back. You are not crazy. You are connected to your energy source.

I am daughter of the ancient tree ancestors. And it is my desire for everyone to connect to their source. We are all pieces of one.

About the Author
Tomeekha Pitre is a successful business professional within the corporate world of medical healthcare for 21 years. She is a zealot for multi-media art and community advocacy for artists. She has curated and represented emerging visual artists, produced theatre productions, She's CEO of Black Cotton Publishing and Meek Silent Retreats. Her expertise in business and the arts allows her to enjoy consulting for startup businesses and creative projects.

Her robust creative background has made her an astute observer and writer. She is spirit-led to hold sacred space, share stories and produce creative works that will uplift, empower, educate, and inspire individuals to live in the highest version of self.

Tomeekha divides her time between Central Texas and Southern California, where she cares for her mother, practice and enjoys making earth medicine, leading retreats, coaching business strategies to business owners, writing, making happy birthday video's, singing and dancing in the company of family and friends. She enjoys the study of songwriting and the art of vocal instrumentation.

"We heal ourselves and others by sharing our stories. We are both the educator and the student of everyday life experiences. I simply want to be used as a vessel to inspire and heal as many as I can in this life that is gifted to me."

As an independent learner, Tomeekha's spiritual journey began more than 14 years ago when she picked up the book, "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua. Following the guidance of Queen Afua is when Tomeekha's inner healing began. She began to see various reflective versions of herself in other people and thus, knew that we are all one part of the magnificent solar light of God. However, even with her newly healed self (from old childhood wounds), she found herself on a continuous spiritual journey of self-development.

It wasn't until she had crumbled into the lowest and most broken part of herself that she found and began to practice a steady and routine practice of prayer, chanting and silent meditation that she really began to find self. The humming vibrations, deep breathing and the stillness of meditation is where she learned how to communicate with her inner-self. Her inner spirit and outer physical self began to harmonize and manifest.

Tomeekha Pitre learned (and is still learning) that it's in these - me, myself and I - moments that life makes the most sense. The requirements of life become easy, things are literally handed down from the universe on a golden platter - as long as we continue to do the work.

As a career-driven woman, taking at least 15-30 minutes of silence is a must. In Tomeekha's journey she found that we have to respect our own pace, and that's the purpose of Meek Silent Retreats and her  Strategic Business Coaching programs.

We want to provide like-minded individuals with a safe and comfortable space to be still, silent, relax and breathe at their own flow and pace until they discover the space and pace that is right for them, as an individual light being, which leads to creating a life and business filled with purpose, love, peace and light.

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