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Move on Up: How Support Systems Help You Thrive by Ashley Sauls

Ashley Sauls, Author of Morning Motivation & Professional Speaker 
Topic - Move on Up: How Support Systems Help You Thrive
Listen to her Crown Holders message:

The purpose of this conversation is to help you to identify what a support system is and the key elements that should be a part of your support system, the key team members in your support system, and the importance of boundaries in a healthy support system.

Fueled by passion. Motivated by God. Ashley Sauls helps her audience navigate the daily currents life sends our way, providing motivation for a better tomorrow.

Ashley Sauls is an author and professional speaker adept in using her words to inspire people toward successful living. Focused on incorporating a healthy balance between the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life, Ashley’s down to earth delivery makes difficult concepts less stressful to grasp for her audience.

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Morning Motivation: 31 Daily Devotions for Everyday Life (Volume 1) 

Our morning thoughts set the tone for our entire day. These thoughts intermingle subconsciously, influencing conversations and actions- whether good or bad. We are encouraged in Philippians 4:8 to think thoughts that are true, honest, pure and lovely. Our minds can only be open to these thoughts if we apply the Word of God to our thought life. Depending on the season we walk, it can sometimes be challenging to find the good and positive. 

And yet, when we take a moment to invite morning motivation into our lives, those challenges become an easier path to walk. Allow the wisdom of this devotional to remind you of your value in Christ and thus provide a pure foundation to face daily challenges with strength and love.

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Beyond the Building: The War Within by Ashley N. Sauls

Are We Saving Souls? 

The War Within is the first book in Minister Ashley Sauls’, Beyond The Building series to examine the current status of the Church and its mission. Taking an internal and personal look into the role and practice of ministry as defined by scripture is the focus of The War Within. At its core is the question ministry leaders must ask and answer, Are we saving souls?

Sauls delves into this question uncovering a reflection many have turned away from. Too often, we, as ministry leaders find our safe place within the walls of the Church. Too often, we, as ministry leaders recite scripture as part of routine, of habit. While we know the Bible and try our best to live the Bible, we must travel beyond the building with modern day strategy against Satan for the salvation of others and for the redemption of ourselves.

“An instructional piece for preparing God’s army soldiers to go out to the trenches prepared and ready to engage one on one with those who are “Beyond the Building” of your soul!” 
~Pastor Robin Holloway

“Using scripture to anchor the conversation makes it relevant and not a personal attack on the church, but a recommitment to the essence of being a soldier at war for the sake of the cross.”   
~Kelly Ramsey, CEO of Developing People, Inc.

“This book is written as a means of speaking to everyone that is a part of the Christian community desiring to expand their knowledge of Satan, how to equip themselves against his tricks, ploys and plans, and to rest in the assurance that victory through Jesus Christ is forever secure.” 
~Pastor David L. Norman

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Beyond the Building by Ashley N. Sauls

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