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How does amending the 19th Amendment serve women? by D. Michele Jackson




In divorce proceedings, a registered nurse uses her training to argue how women's health infringements occurred by government officials. The nurse lost a lifetime investment in her career and personal property.  At starting over with nothing, the nurse now pulls from intuition.  As reformers before her, she fights for "lives, liberty, and property." The pursuit of happiness.

This is a milestone for women as we celebrate one-hundred years on August 18, 2020, the ratifying of the 19th Amendment; women continue with stories of oppression. Socially disadvantaged. Spiritually, exhausted.  Sexual violation. Economic despair. And officials allow sitting a proposal for women: the "Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), 1972." in expiration.

There is a reason for every woman to be interested in facts reported from 1959 to 2018. "Poverty rate for people in female house-holder families shows a decline from close to 50% to the lowest percentage noted at 26.8% in 2018. Every woman should be concerned at learning that we have taken such a backseat to progress. Women are making choices for individual situations; women's health can no longer serve as a political collective bargaining decision.

Historically, we have cast ballots for many people with views that hold women to standards that the same people don't maintain. With this, a political year, the focus will undoubtedly continue to be on appeals to the nation for an opportunity to lead. Women, as people, are in a unique position to address women's health. Socioeconomic conditions and current legislation have proven inadequate to the evolution of wellness. 

How does the "overdue" take control? I think of the historical city that has gone pink for the occasion, known this year as the "city of sisterly love," the "Philadelphia Convention," offers a blueprint as a guide for women. Why now? Nursing is at an all-time vulnerability. 

A female-dominant profession struggles to thrive in a society that they safeguard health. With a chronic nursing shortage, underpaid; worst, held to the standards of adequate staffing, nurses are not doing well. It's not alright to remain stagnant for years. "A profession commonly considered a ministry; nursing, evolved as a result of a social shift." Who can help? Congress.

"Article V of the Constitution provided four ways of amending the Constitution." A nurse born in Philadelphia argues a paradigm shift does not correlate with status quo rulings, regulations, and legislation. The issues related to public policies: healthy families, equal protection, and rights in divorce. "Public health agency's goals:

•           To prevent epidemics and the spread of disease.

•           To prevent injuries.

•           To promote and encourage healthy behaviors."

How does amending the 19th Amendment serve women? Women continue at risk as the opinions of others impede wellness. The right to vote provided women a voice with forming social policies. After a series of violations, the United States Supreme Court disregarded an argument for health care reform in divorce. In the year 2012, silencing a woman's voice is how the nurse's request concluded; a direct violation of her First Amendment fundamental right.

"We have come to agitate the subject of vital interest to us all." — Ida B. Wells

About the Author
D. Michele Jackson, as a politically active nurse, shares her requests for legislation to ensure women's wellness. In her novel, Joy: Jesus on You, based on a true story, she offers opinions to support the expansion of women's rights. 

Celebrating a silver anniversary during a platinum occasion for women, this nurse is speaking out for health restoration, echoing one message—women: we can.

About the Author
Celebrating twenty-five years as a professional nurse, Donna Michele Jackson now adds a writer, published, politically active nurse to her accolades. Having studied Sociology at the historically Black college: Tuskegee University and graduating from Charter Oak State College with honors, it is as a registered nurse opportunity lend itself.  

As a novice legal nurse consultant, Donna represented herself pro se. The experience allowed the drafting of legal documents during historical time. It afforded her a voice advocating for health as she submitted an argument to the United States Supreme Court and Congress supporting amending the Nineteenth Amendment.  

Donna shares her experience in a novel based on a true story, Joy: Jesus on You.  Donna is on a mission to encourage, educate, and empower. 

D. Michele Jackson Seducing the Pen Tour Page:  https://www.smore.com/y0bp7


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