Wednesday, April 6

#TheMotivatorsSeries: WHO’S THERE FOR ME by Carlet Horne

by Carlet Horne

When I’m down and feeling despondent
When my back is against the wall
When I feel my world is crashing around me
And to everyone and everything, I’ve given my all

When I’m overwhelmed, what do I do
When I have moments of low, to whom do I go
To whom do I as the giver turn
When my faith wavers and my spirit yearns

From where do I receive my help
From whom do I gain any strength
Should I look to those in whom I’ve poured
Or to those for whom I’ve gone great lengths

Because I seem strong, you may think I never get weak
Or have moments that to me seem bleak
But this, simply put, couldn’t be further from the truth
And my internal battle scars are living proof

It’s in these moments that I have to steal away
And go to the one who has proven to be my help
The one of whom I speak is not a mortal being
But the one from whom I draw strength in my time of need

He is the lifter of my head
The captain of my very sea
He is my comforter; He is The Great I Am
The one on whom I can always lean

He knew I would have days like these
So He gave me the gift of his son and of his spirit
An endless well to draw from and be refreshed
To cure what ails and come away blessed

For me, He is my motivator
For me, He is my muse
For me, He is exactly what I need
When this lady sings the blues

The Exodus: The Benediction by Carlet Horne

Carlet Horne, Contributing Writer at Promoting Purpose Magazine
Promoting Purpose is a premier faith-based media company that produces high-quality content that provides inspiration and strategies for purposeful living and connects ministries and purpose-driven brands.

About the Author
Carlet Horne attended New York University and studied Business Administration and Education. Although her very first piece was written in 2008, she, thinking this was just a one-time occurrence, put her pen and pad on the shelf.

In 2010, in the timing of God, the gift within her was unlocked, and she began to write under the unction of God. “My writing has been used as a source of healing and recovery from hurts, wounds, and issues of my past and I pray that the same is true for those who read any of my work,” states Ms. Horne.

Today, she is a poet  and aspiring author, working on the publication of her first book of Christian poetry, The Exodus: The Benediction and a contributing poet writer for Promoting Purpose Magazine. Other examples of her work can be seen in Black Pearls Magazine and Inspired Women Magazine.

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