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Learning To Appreciate Discipline by Chantea M. Williams

Learning To Appreciate Discipline

by Chantea M. Williams
Ministry Leader Greater Working Women Ministries

Psalm 94:12 (NIV)

Blessed is the one you discipline, LORD, the one you teach from your law; I don't know about you but being disciplined is my least favorite thing.  I never was fond of that for some reason (smile). Even when I was child, getting told what to do and not to do just wasn't fun. I mean I only wanted to do what I wanted to do. How bad could that really be? How much trouble could I really get in if I didn't know right from wrong? Does any of this sound familiar? I bet our children feel the same way.

One thing I'm learning as I get older is the more I read God's word then the more I open myself up to be disciplined. Why is that? Once you have been exposed to the truth, there is no turning back. I didn't realize that until I actually starting understanding His word. I would read it for knowledge but not understanding. However, how many of you know that the Holy Spirit has a way of getting you straight even when you don't ask for it?

To be disciplined by God is an act of love.

To be disciplined by God is an act of kindness.

To be disciplined by God is an act of mercy.

Do you believe the above statements? It took me a while to accept that and the truth be told some days I don't feel it but it doesn't stop it from being the truth. A parent who does not care of enough to
discipline, doesn't really care at all. That's how we have to look at it. If God didn't discipline us, then we would be worse off.

Sometimes that discipline comes in the form of a scripture dealing with your issue that can make you get in line. Sometimes He uses people to show us ourselves. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will convict us. To be completely honest, it is more difficult for me at times to receive the second one. Depending on what kind of mood I'm in and who the person is. Just telling the truth. That is definitely one for me to work on. How about you?

Let us take a different attitude towards discipline. However, the Lord chooses to discipline us, let us receive it. One thing I'm learning is that when you really have a relationship with the Lord, the Holy Spirit will confirm it to you anyway. God won't allow you to keep being wrong when you are trying to live right for Him.

Father, help me to receive Your discipline with an understanding heart. Holy Spirit reveal to me when I'm wrong so that I can make the changes in my life to line up with Your word. Blessed am I who you discipline, Lord, and teach from your law. God I appreciate Your discipline and I desperately need it in my life. Thank You for loving me so much that You check me when I'm wrong. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Meet the Author
Chantea M. Williams
is a Christian writer, Bible teacher and speaker who loves encouraging women to become greater through the word of God. Through her gifts, God created the Greater Working Women Ministries. They strive to encourage, empower and equip women from all walks of life to live out their God-given purpose with holy boldness. She has also launched her teen mom mentoring program, I Am Still Somebody™. One of her many passions is baking, especially during the holidays.

Check out her newly released book The Greater Working Woman Prayer Book, Volume 1 and The Greater Working Woman Prayer Devotional, Volume 1. Don’t miss her upcoming book series for teen mothers.

Chantea M. Williams, Ministry Leader Greater Working Women Ministries


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