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5 Easy Steps to Sell Up to 100 Copies of Your Book! Marian L. Thomas

5 Easy Steps to Sell Up to 100 Copies of Your Book!
Marian L. Thomas

Talk with most authors and they all have one thing in common—to sell their books. For some authors, writing their book was the easy part, putting down their pen and picking up their marketing hat—is not as easier.

Hopefully, following these 5 easy steps will help get the marketing juices flowing and your books out the door!

Step #1-  Get a website created with your own custom domain name. It has been common in the industry to see author domain names that are geared toward the title of their first book, however, it might be more effectively in the long run to get a domain name that features your first and last author name.  For example:  Why Important? Readers need somewhere to go to read more about you, your book (s) and to see purchasing options. It also helps to establish creditability as a serious author.

Include on your website the following:

-Home Page:  a photo of yourself is often displayed on the home page.
-Biography:  Keep it simple but give it some substance.
-Book Page:  Book Synopsis, Purchase Links for Your Book, Reviews, and links to Book Trailer
-Media:  To set up this page, first make sure you set-up a press room at

Once your press room has been created
, ensure that any press releases that are written about your book, book events or other news that is media worthy is linked to your press room. You can then add a link to your press room under your Media tab. Be sure to include any links to articles that you have written or radio shows on this page.
-Contact:  Use this page for comments, a way for readers to reach you or as a guest book.
-Calendar:  Must have! Google Calendar is great, free and can be embedded on your website.

Step #2 -  Plan a major book signing/launch event around a theme.  Everyone loves to go to a themed party, so have one.  Invite everyone you know and ask them to invite 5 to 10 people that they know.  If you get 50 to 100 people to attend, that's  50 to 100 books sold!  Make sure to include the cost of your book in the ticket price if possible and feed your guest!  Live entertainment is always good to have.  Look for someone local. Local author, local entertainer. Win-Win.

Step #3 -  Use the Internet to invite book lovers, book clubs or social groups to your event. Try websites like:  to find book clubs or social groups in your area and reach out to the coordinator. Offer to send him/her a free signed copy of your book if they would be willing to share the news about your event with their members.

Step #4-  Send out press releases in a Word document  to your local newspaper. Don't forget to include any newspapers or media that might be close to your event venue. Some of your local papers have a free event listing or calendar. Use them! Great way to get your event out to the public and did I mention that most are free?

Step #5-  Presentation. You've gone through quite a bit of trouble to get things going in the first three steps so don't blow it by not having a professional presentation set-up for your book. Invest in a good large and tall banner of your book. Make sure you display lots of copies of your book at your event and be sure to have a means for your guest to purchase additional copies.

About the Author:
Marian L. Thomas
  welcomes the release of her second book,  My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues  on  March 1, 2011  to online retailers,,  Barnes &,  Kindle and Nook.  Be sure to get your copy today! It is sure to be another Best-Seller for the author as it takes you on the journey of four individuals that lead to one destination filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets.   

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