Sunday, January 17

Just Traveling Through by Kesha Redmon

Just Traveling Through by Kesha Redmon

Life can be very daunting at times; with its up and downs, twists and turns, and endless barrage of sad and depressing news. We should wonder how we dare to face the outside world on a daily basis. To think about it- some do not have the strength to carry on because life has beaten them down to where there will to survive is nonexistent.

How do we handle life’s disappointments? How do we garner the strength to face the challenges that seem to appear at every idle and waking moment? How do we find the courage to help others in their time of need, when we ourselves are standing in the same spot?

As puzzling as these questions are, there is an answer. Actually, it’s a learned behavior. We get through all these things with the grace and mercy of a higher power. Two magnificent acts working together in our favor. We learn over time that nothing lasts forever. With bad times, there are good times. With sad times, there are happy times. This life is a journey. Each day we continue on our own separate roads. Sometimes our roads crosses path with others and sometimes our paths end.

Through every difficult circumstance, every brow beating trial, every breath taking moment; life is just a journey and we’re just traveling through. The marvelous thing about this journey and the road we use to navigate it is the fact that if we don’t like the road we’re traveling on; we are free to get off at the next intersection, or turn down a different street. So although in the grand scheme of life, we have a limited control of the bumps and bruises that come our way; we can however change our paths. We can decide if we want to make a change. We don’t have to stay in abusive relationships, unhappy jobs, or depressing moments. This life is full of possibilities and potential. Let’s choose to make the best of it. We only get one life and one journey. Let’s travel through it well.

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