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The Math of Health & Wellness: Nutrition + Exercise + Peace by Brittani D. Williams

The Math of Health & Wellness: Nutrition + Exercise + Peace
by Brittani D. Williams
Everybody wants to live a healthier lifestyle but not everybody knows exactly what to do, they want a quick fix, or they lack the discipline it takes to apply the equation to their lives. So I want to share some tips to help in your quest for a healthier lifestyle the right way; Nutrition + Exercise + Peace = Total Health and Wellness.

Starting with some nutritional things to consider, there are so many things that can hinder progress of a healthier lifestyle. For example:  (1) Please do not assume eating less is always better; your body needs nutrients to maintain an optimal metabolic rate. Depriving yourself of nutrients harms your body way more than it helps. 
(2) Calorie counting is not the ONLY thing to consider when trying to improve health/weight management. The process of calorie burning is different depending on the person, your metabolic rate, daily activity, etc. The listed amount of calories on a product is derived from perfect conditions during lab test and all calories burn at the same rate in in a lab, but our bodies don’t mirror “perfect conditions”. 
(3) You cannot eat whatever you want, exercise, and still be “healthy”. Health is defined by Webster in one definition as; flourishing condition: well-being. How can one truly flourish when he/she puts junk into his/her body? Skinny doesn’t automatically equal. Good nutrition is about eating clean, and healthy bodies are made 70% in the kitchen.

But it is quite simple to achieve a healthy nutritional lifestyle. Be mindful of the ingredients that you are consuming, remain diligent, and portion control.

When it comes it exercise, a lot of us “can’t find the time to work out”, at least that was my biggest excuse (+) 99 pounds ago. I personally hate working out. But, in order to obtain my body goals I must make time to be active. Daily exercise is essential to health. I wake up an hour before I have to get the kids up, pop in a workout DVD, open up an app, or even, just to start my day with some type of activity. Anything stopping you from being active is an excuse, just 7 minutes a day of movement and determination can begin changes.

Finally, the very most important piece of the equation is peace. Negative emotions yields emotional eating which equals weight gain. It is so very important to a weight loss journey that your mindset is a positive one. You can never have too much happy and it shows in your health. The happier you are; the more positive neurotransmitters are flowing, the better you feel, and the easier it is to make healthier choices (i.e eating cleaner and exercising). Find ways everyday to de-stress yourself.

I hope that you understood the math of health as I presented it to you. As you can see each component of the equation [ Nutrition + Exercise + Peace] is vitally important to total mind and body health and wellness. Allow me to leave you with a few daily practices to incorporate into your daily routine:   (1) Find a healthier swap for one meal a day. (ex; homemade turkey wrap vs fast food, salad vs corn as a side, WATER vs soda) 
(2) MAKE TIME to exercise 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week (I prefer morning workouts, let me know what works best for you) 
(3) Write it down. Studies show that people who journal their feelings can aid in reduced stress and aid in weight loss.

About the Speaker

Brittani D. Williams, wife, and mother of two, is the owner of “It’s Not a Piece of Cake” Nutritional Coaching and Education, where her programs empower people to achieve weight goals by living a healthier lifestyle.

Her passion began after she got tired of being overweight and unhappy with her appearance. She has been on her healthier lifestyle journey for over two years now and has lost a total of 100 pounds with healthier eating and exercise. She began making small dietary changes and incorporating her favorite exercise, walking, into her daily routine. As, time progressed her passion became stronger and she began researching, obtained a certification as a nutrition coach, and then sharing her passion.  For more about Brittani or her services email:


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