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The Danger Of Little Things by Sister Rugina

The Danger Of Little Things by Sister Rugina 

"Catch . . . the little foxes that ruin the vineyards."  Son of Solomon 2:15 NIV 

Be careful, it's the little foxes that ruin the vineyard.  
Little attitudes; if you practice them often enough, becomes fixed attitudes.  
Little indulgences; if you give place to them long enough, they desensitize you to sin.  
Remember when certain things bothered you?  Now you don't give them a second thought.  You're being desensitized! Every addict started by telling himself, "I can handle it."  

Is there danger in little things?  Are you nursing minor grudges or unresolved issues?  Are you allowing small temptations to overtake your life?  Alternatively, are you quickly addressing small matters before they grow exponentially?  Have you consulted God regarding sinful habits that threaten to overtake your life?  Do you surround yourself with accountability partners and spirit-filled mentors?

Saints, the danger of little things can ruin a strong spiritual life.  Minor things left unchecked can unexpectedly roar out of control.  We may start off believing that ingenuity and charm will exempt us from inevitable consequences.  The reality is that tampering with sin will derail our personal relationship with God and others.  Unaddressed little things can be a destructive force in important relationships.  Small bouts of disagreements and lingering woundedness will torpedo long-term friendships and marriages.  It is best to consult God and follow His precepts.  

A genuine apology and humble spirit can turn away wrath and anger in others.  Finally, we must flee from temptation.  Managing sin is not a successful pathway to mature living. God will show us the way to freedom if we are in danger of small things running rampant in our lives.

Your Sister in Christ,

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