Sunday, December 6

POEM: Forward by Felicia Scott

POEM: Forward by Felicia Scott

Transitions man
Plans and steps and maps to take
I thank God for the time I've wasted sort of speak
It makes me fear being lazy so I work
And pain and hate it but
Gain enough to keep going
I plan I pray I prepare
For a future I've hardly worked for
Too busy tryna make it day by day
I'll work twice as hard for my child's tomorrow
What's the point of having a helping heart when I'm
Too broke to adopt the children I want
That kills me man
Not allot of time to talk no more
Its a distraction anyway
Those people
Who listen and attack are all here and I'm not sure how I feel about that
Too many to drop
To heavy to carry at a time
I know what happens once I speak.
Grabbing a controller to a game that's off limits to me, no thank you
You can play against a more worthy opponent man
Just you and the computer bump a past
Bump a secret man
Bump a loved one that stopped
And bump the rumors from the clique
That I no longer run with
Its Never personal until I respond to something
You initiated, I know...
I get it...
I still love you though

About the Poet

Born in Marietta, Georgia, Felicia Scott only hopes to inspire as many people as she can with her writings.  Email:


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