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Step Up Your Game as a Parent: Boys and School by David Miller

Step Up Your Game as a Parent: Boys and School
by David Miller
In most major metropolitan cities African American males drop out of school at a rate of 50%. These alarming numbers can be turned around! Do you want son to succeed in school? If the answer is yes, then it is time for you to "Step Up Your Game as a Parent!"

Here are just a few other tips to Step Up Your Game as a Parent:

» Make reading an essential part of your home life. Read aloud to your son and/or set aside quiet time each day in which your family can sit together and read silently. TURN the TV OFF.

» Use your daily time with your son wisely. When you are in the car or walking to the school bus, talk to your son (s) about what they are learning in school,
or prompt a conversation about a topic that they find interesting and intriguing.

» Know what interests your son. Be involved in all aspects of your son's school career.

» Encourage your son to register for educational extra-curricular programs. Parental encouragement makes a huge difference in whether children go to [educational] out-of-school-time programs.

» Monitor your son's technology. Always be prepared to check his Facebook, MySpace, and Cell phone. Youth have become more interested in social networking than doing homework.

» Stay connected with his teachers. Get the email address and contact phone numbers for your son's teachers. Boys who have a parent involved in their school life tend to do better academically and socially.

» Develop a village of people who can visit your son's school. Many times due to work schedules, parents can't attend important school meetings. Identify others who can advocate for your son. This should include Dad. Often, dad never get announcements about events and meetings at school.

Failure is not an OPTION! This should become the mantra in your house. Our boys need a great deal of encouragement when it comes to school.

Suggestion for Parents: Raising Him Alone 
Things Black Women Can do to Raise Black Boys to be Men

By David Miller and Matthew P. Stevens

"Raising Him Alone” by David Miller and Matthew P. Stevens is a must read book for single mothers!" -- recommended by Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations Media Group

Raising Him Alone (RHA) is dedicated to researching, designing, and implementing a campaign to support the social well being of single mothers raising boys. Through a series of intense community forums, workshops and support group initiatives, RHA seeks to increase access to resources in the areas of Health & Well Being (Mental Health), Educational Support & Advocacy, as well as Financial Literacy.  

For more information on Raising Him Alone, the campaign schedule of events and resources visit,  For more information on David Miller, visit 

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