Monday, November 9

Poetry: What Is A Christian Woman? By Doris Washington

What Is A Christian Woman?   By Doris Washington
A Christian Woman praises the Lord through her trials,
And through her joys.
She looks for the good in others.
She forgives a thousand times over.
She makes no list of wrongs.
She opens the door to understanding.
She listens and hears with love.
She finds peace through the suffering,
And the pain.
She lives her days blessed.
She never forgets her family commitments.
She speaks truthfully her opinions with
Kindness and resolve.
She lives with compassion no matter her circumstance.
She prays with a humble heart,
Without ceasing,
And always with Faith.
A Christian Woman is a doer,
And believer of the Word.
She's always giving of her heart.
What Is A Christian Woman?  copyright (c) Doris Washington, April 2004. All rights reserved.

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