Tuesday, November 10

My Uncomfortable Secret to Motivation

My Uncomfortable Secret to Motivation
A five-letter word is my secret.

As you probably know, routine casts a trance-like power with devastating impact. As a result, it is an absolute necessity to break free of its grasp.  If you can't find a way out of the vicious pattern and into a new set of thoughts, feelings, and actions, you have no hope of changing or improving your life.  Consider this five-letter word my guaranteed release.

Working with remarkable speed, it personally shakes me out of autopilot, delivers an eye-opening wake-up call, and motivates with more force than anything I know. Not bad for a five-letter word.  My hope--and my assumption--is that it will have the same positive effect on you.

The Word, My Release
I know a time will come when I'll no longer be able to act on the things I want, the things I've dreamed about experiencing and things I've always wished to become.  I will have to let them go. I will have to let go of all those exciting ideas I tossed about in my mind, all the goals carefully constructed while daydreaming.  They will have to be put to rest, once and for all. And I will never experience them.


This is a frightening thought for me. It is startling, can be gut-wrenching, and tip-toes toward terrifying.  But it's also something else. And it's here, on the other side of the coin, that I find my secret.

The Flip-Side of the Word
Coming to grips with reality can be scary. So much so, that most men and women choose the other door. They hide from the truth and tuck their dreams into the fairytale 'someday.'

'I'll do it someday...someday.'

A sigh of relief follows and it's back to the safe and comfy routine. No need to face fears, no need to rise to challenges, no need to take action. That will all happen someday--but not today.  If only this were true. It is not.  Here is the truth: Someday eventually meets the edge of the cliff. Someday eventually runs out.

Someday eventually turns into never.  Frightening? Perhaps. But it's also your way out. It's also your release from the routine that strangles your hopes and dreams.  By focusing intently--and I mean intently-- on 'never,' in regard to your lifelong wishes and wants, you will be shocked out of your pattern of procrastination and jolted into a new mindset.

You'll have the motivation you need to stop hesitating because you know, without question, if you keep it up, you'll never experience the life you've been waiting for all these years.  Without action, talk is only noise. Below is what I do in particular to get the most out of this five-letter word. It's something you can do, anytime and any place, to dismantle procrastination and ignite your inner drive.

Action Steps - Short and Sweet

Think of something you want. Not a lip-service dream, but something you truly desire, something either for yourself or for someone else.  Our results have shown that people imagine themselves experiencing the joys of progress or success when asked to think of a goal.  This time I want you to do the opposite.

I want you to imagine, vividly, that your idea, your chosen dream or goal, cannot happen. No matter what you do, you'll never get it. Never. Never.  If you do it right, you'll feel anxious, like you have to get up out of your seat right now and do something before time runs out. This is the power of 'never.'

Don't hide from the truth. Let it smack you in the face and punch you in the gut. Only then can it snap you out of the routine and drive you into action. Only then can it change your life.   If you don't do something now, you may never do it then.   Never hide, never avoid, never run from 'never.' Use it as a fire to place beneath your greatest ideas and accept it as a truth that can set you free.


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