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Motivating Yourself in 5 Easy Steps By Delaina Miller

Motivating Yourself in 5 Easy Steps
By Delaina Miller

We all struggle to find the energy we need to make our dreams a reality. Yet there are many easy and fun things you can do to motivate yourself into action. In this article I share five ways that I motivate myself and others.

Take the five or ten minutes of your snooze time to do two things. First, think about all of the things you are grateful for in your life. If you wake up feeling a little grumpy and cannot think of anything to be grateful for start with your bed.

Second, envision your day. Start with the tasks you are not excited about, ticking them off of your list quickly, and then envision all of the things you want to accomplish. When that alarm goes off, jump out of bed because you are all fired up to get on with your day.

(The key to both of these assignments is to feel good about your life. As the warm glow begins to rise in your heart, focus on it and how good you feel. )

It is a basic law of physics that a body at rest stays at rest but a body in motion stays in motion. Most people do not like exercise, so don't exercise, play! Allow yourself to feel like a kid again and just play with movement. Dance or invest in a rebounder and jump. Kick your legs out and feel the air rush around your head and play. You will find yourself bouncing, twisting, and doing high leg kicks you didn't know you could do. Before you know it, you will have cleaned out your lymph nodes, worked up a sweat, and all with a big grin on your face.

Because many of us are auditory learners affirmations can be used as personal validation as well as motivation tools. We need to hear good things about ourselves and expecting others to fill this role is unrealistic. It might seem ridiculous the first couple of times you do it but before you know it these positive declarations will become personalize positive feedback.

Mentally affirmations are healthy because they allow us to validate ourselves. As you are telling yourself such things as: "My challenges are opportunities to grow," you are giving yourself positive reinforcement. After all if you are not in your own corner then who will be?

A smile, a favorite scent, and 'feel confident' clothes are at least three things we can wear that make us feel motivated. The most important of these items is a smile. Yeah a smile, try it right now even if it is forced, make your lips curl in an upward position and hold it, keep holding it. Did you just chuckle at yourself? Good that is the whole point. People cannot stay sad with a smile on their face. Even if that smile felt forced it just motivated you to chuckle at yourself. So pull up that frown, spritz yourself, and wear your favorite outfit and say out loud "Look out world here I come to rock you off your axles!"

Believe it or not sharing is a great motivator. We have all felt that empowered feeling that floods us when we have done something that helped someone. When we are helpful we feel good about ourselves and that feeling motivates us to help more.

The world's inhabitants all have one great equalizer - time. It is what we do with our time that makes us different. Yet that realization is not always the motivator we need to feel motivated. Therefore we must find ways to inspire ourselves through our visions, our actions, our words, our inspirations to motivate us into action.

About the Author
Delaina Miller
is an Independent Information Professional that enjoys helping others through her writing and research. You can read more of her motivational ideas and tips at: http://tunein2life.comArticle Source 


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